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Sorsogon Travel Guide

Sorsogon Travel Guide

One of the tourist destinations in the southern region of the Philippines, Sorsogon province offers special places to all travelers and vacationers in the place. For people who are in search for the famous tourist attractions in Sorsogon, Philippines, they can always refer to Sorsogon travel guides since these feature hospitality service providers and restaurants where people can sleep and dine during their stay in the area. Additionally, the travel guides also offer instructions on how to get the famous tourist spots in the province.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions in Sorsogon, Philippines, are main features in Sorsogon travel guides. For those who like to have a tour to the famous spots in the province, they can always refer to the travel guides for detailed information on how to reach the natural attractions and manmade attractions in Sorsogon, Philippines. Hence, some of the natural attractions that are worth visiting in the province are Masacrot Springs, Palogtok Falls, and Paguriran Island. Meanwhile, for people who have interest in visiting manmade tourist spots in the area, they can always go to beautiful beach resorts, namely Dancalan Beach Resort, Rizal Beach Resort, and Libanon Beach Resort, or they can visit parks like Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Park, Bulusan National Park, as well as PNOC Eco-Park.


After a tiring day traveling to the famous tourist destinations in the province, there are attractive hospitality service providers in Sorsogon, Philippines, where people can have a relaxing sleep. For those who are in search for lodges and inns that offer affordable accommodation rates, most Sorsogon travel guides offer information on any of these hospitality service providers, Manuel’s Lodging House, Saint Peter Lodging House, and Magtangob Lodging House. However, for those who prefer to stay in hotels, they can make advance reservations in Hotel Maria Concepcion, Hotel Olympus, and Central Hotel.


Dining is another feature in many Sorsogon travel guides. For tourists who like to dine in restaurants that offer delectable Filipino dishes, they can try the specialties of Kalundan Restaurant, Dahon Saging Restaurant, and Manoy’s Fastfood. In addition, there are fast food franchises that have affordable meals such as Jollibee, Mike and Jerry Fastfood, as well as Jane’s Fastfood. For the exact locations of these restaurants in Sorsogon, Philippines, they can refer to Sorsogon travel guides for them to easily find the dining places. With the attractive features of Sorsogon travel guides, tourists can surely have a worry-free vacation in one of the beautiful provinces of the Philippines, Sorsogon.


  1. ecorteza,md

    More or less than 650 kilometers south of Manila is a place named Magallanes, Sorsogon. Passing thru the Maharlika Highway and turning right at the junction at Juban Sorsogon one will be greeted by a greenery so seldomly seen in the north. Before one gets to this place, he needs to traverse slowly a scenic winding road with a view of the Bulusan Volcano and that of Mayon Volcano. At the highest \point of the winding road stands a twin tower of rock mountains with scanty growth of shrubs and trees. Below one finds the 7 water falls called pitong busay. One would know that he is near when he comes to the bridge at Pili. Here rice fields and coconut trees abound. Before approaching the town proper at one’s right is the cool Malijao spring whose water is ever so clear, cool and potable. A number of film stars and celebrities have waded and bathed in this small pool. One just need to ask the residents who will eagery tell him that they have seen a number of celebrities there.

    Magallanes is a fifth class municipality which offers a lot to a tourist. From the old wharf is visible the majestic Mayon Volcano, the crocodile shape Bagatao Island former site of a shipyard during the galleon trade and location of a long white sand beach named Halabang Baybay ( Long Beach) with the old lighthouse constructed during the Commonwealth. Coming to this island is an experience similar to getting to Boracay before it was fully developed. Another island is the small boat shaped Tinacus which legend has it that during the Moro pirating years, several children were abducted from this town. The legend claims that the children cried and prayed for help, the Moro ship listed and sank in what is now Tinacus

    A new attraction in town is the Bucalbucalan pool recently developed by the local government. Before proceeding to this pool it is worthwhile to climb to the Aguada hills where the cellphone companies had their towers. Here one will see a bird’s eyeview of the poblacion, Tinacus Island, Bagatao island and on clear days Mount Mayon. The place reminds one of the view from Motoyori in Pasig or the Eagle”s Nest.

    About six or seven kilometers further south from this point is Gibalon, claimed to be the place where the first Catholic mass was celebrated in the island of Luzon by one Fray Jimenez over 400 years ago. Many artifacts were found in this area said to be a prehispanic settlement. Markers were built by the local government If one will be patient and daring enough to go further south there is a place called Apad before reaching barangay Busay, where one will appreciate a scenic view of the mouth of Sorsogon Bay . the view is so breath taking that it is better appreciated, experienced than described. Facilities need to be constructed in this area.The area looks as if one big chunk of rock fell from the sky eons ago and pushed the earth upward so the rocks appear like laminates hence the name Apad.

    Yes, Magallanes has a lot to offer but a lot of things need improvement. Perhaps if there would be willing investors and adventurers who would dare invest and develop the area for tourism , Magallanes would probably be one of the many tourist destinations. Especially if and when the Bulan international airport becomes a reality.( This is only 25 kilomeetrs ,or 25 minutes away ) Halabang Baybay ,, the Parola and the Sta Lourdes grotto could be developed into another Boracay, Ginangra beach stretch from caditaan to biton would match other beaches in the country. Horses could be raised in the area to be rented to tourists. The beach in Telegrafo is another bet for it is so near Bucalbucalan.and accessible by land.One could enjoy fishing at the fishponds of the SSC campus.

    There are specialty food in Magallanes like Palad Buaya ( crocodiles palm ) eaten raw with wasabi and soy sauce, sea urchin meat eaten likewise, or adobado , roasted or guinataang kibot ( sea anemone) Piripit na gabi in coconut milk, inihaw na talakitok or burao(bonito), Kinonot ( shark or ray) steamed fish , baluco or tacal, prawn or mud and sea crabs are available, squid abounds in the area, Other shell fishes could be ordered. All of these may be ordered while singing to your heart’s content at the KANTO videoke in Banacud. Billiard and internet are available in this place.(KANTO) . Fruits and vegetables are always available in Magallanes.
    The big number of fish ponds in the area can supply a variety of sea foods and shell fish.Bangus and Tilapia are available year round.One may savor the spicy bottled sardines or bangus which taste better than those made elsewhere. Dried squis and dried fish is something to tell your friends about.It is better tasted and tried than described to notice the difference.

    Lodging is offered by the Sorsogon State College and another local inn near the Municipio. And a new hotel in Aguada.

    Magallanes could be reached by plane thru Legazpi airport and Philcab to Magallanes.or by bus or private car, about 10 to 12 hours trip.

    Come to Magallanes and splurge.

    ecorteza,md 6/29/10

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