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What are Rural Philippine Hotels mostly like?

What are Rural Philippine Hotels mostly like?

What basically are Philippines rural hotels? What can one expect in general? And how do we spot the best ones? The following are facts from what tourists have experienced in their stays in different Philippine rural hotels across the country.

Let’s classify Philippine rural hotels into three: small, regular, and grand. Basically Philippine rural hotels are coping with basic standards that common travelers expect of hotels. Inns and lodges strive to do the same. But there are exceptionally good hotels and inns in the countryside that offer one of the best comfort amenities in the country. So how do we find them in rural areas?

Philippine rural hotels, lodges, and inns found along highways are often drab and less maintained. More so those designed for bus terminal passengers who need to spend a night near the terminal. Or there are those with beer houses or grill restaurants on the ground floor. These are often classified as small rural hotels. They’re cheap, but one can expect only so much quality and service. Some are even designed for short-time affairs or escapades. So if one wishes to avoid them, one ought to go to central districts.

If we search in main streets near city or municipality centers, we may find the regular Philippine rural hotels or lodges. These are clean and considerably more decent lodges that offer better comfort amenities. They’re mostly in fairly big business or commercial centers, lined up with popular department stores, eateries, or parks in the locality. Regular Philippine rural hotels often provide security, parking, clean ample rooms and beds, but often without competitive entertainment and communication facilities.

Grand Philippine rural hotels are very enterprising lodges at times almost at par with regulars or even grand ones of urban cities. In addition to regular services, they often have swimming pools, average and working facilities like TV, DVD, amusement games, Internet connection, phone, and money transfers. There are super grand Philippine rural hotels that offer even more than what some grand urban hotels can. These are found mostly in known tourist sites well promoted by the government.

For Philippine rural hotels that rate somewhere between grand and super grand but which are reasonably priced, here are some tips: they are mostly those offered by small but classy resorts, estates, or golf courses, or those near mall complexes.

Philippine rural hotels can be a uniquely pleasant experience if one can spot where small, regular, and grand hotels are in a locality.

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