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Tagaytay City: Home of Specialty Restaurants

Tagaytay City: Home of Specialty Restaurants

Just south of Manila, Philippines, about an hour and a half drive, you will find a place where locals and tourists go for relaxation. Tagaytay City is situated more than 650 meters above sea level. The Taal Volcano is the main attraction of Tagaytay City. Since Tagaytay City is located on a mountain ridge, it is a good place to have a breathtaking view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Tagaytay City has also a great panoramic view of the neighboring provinces.

Tagaytay City is considered as a haven for locals and tourists because of its climate. Situated on the mountaintop, Tagaytay City is a splendid place for vacation and dining hangouts. Fabulous food is one thing that Tagaytay City’s specialty restaurants offer. Here are some of the specialty restaurants that can be found in Tagaytay City.

For a special romantic dinner, Antonio’s in Tagaytay City is the restaurant to go to. French cuisine is the restaurant’s specialty. Antonio’s has a variety of soups for starters. Coffee souffle and salad with foie-gras are served. Select your main course from a wide variety of selections including seafood and steaks. Chocolate souffle for desert is a great choice.

For home-cooked Filipino cuisine, Josephine’s is Tagaytay City’s specialty restaurant of choice. The restaurant is nicely situated overlooking Taal Lake. Josephine’s reputation of home-cooked Filipino dishes has already gone a long way. The restaurant serves Fried Tawilis, which is Tagaytay City’s authentic specialty. Imagine savoring delicious delicacies with Taal Lake and Taal Volcano’s spectacular view as a backdrop.

For a garden-theme cafe, Gourmet’s Cafe in Tagaytay City is a great stop. This restaurant is known for its famed salad bar. Gourmet’s Cafe grow the food they serve their patrons. Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and soups are included in Gourmet’s Cafe’s menu.

Thirsting for a cup of coffee? Bag of Beans Cafe in Tagaytay City is the cozy place to head to. Locally brewed coffee is the restaurant’s specialty. Freshly baked pies and cookies are served with hot brewed coffee. Bag of Beans Cafe is a coffee shop as well as a garden restaurant, too. The restaurant has an authentic English menu, including different flavors of home-made pies. Fish and Chips, omelets and sausages, Pies ‘n’ Mash, Bangers, and roast beef are also available. Bag of Beans Cafe’s bottomless cup is a great treat.

Sonya’s Garden is another specialty restaurant in Tagaytay City. The restaurant is virtually a greenhouse. The smell of fresh flowers greet you as you enter the place. Home-made pasta, refillable dalandan juice, bowl of salad and dressing is their set menu. A choice of shrimp, chicken, mushrooms, nuts, and other ingredients can be thrown into your pasta with a bowl of jackfruit. Grilled sweet potatoes in caramel sauce dip is a delicious desert to indulge into. Sonya Garden grow their own vegetables and other ingredients.

Going to Tagaytay City is a great de-stressing activity. Beautiful scenic views and mouth-watering delicacies are some of the things that Tagaytay City is known for.

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