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Laoag Beach Guide

Laoag Beach Guide

Laoag is the vibrant capital of Ilocos Norte.It is a beautiful city that attracts more tourists each year. It also has some of the best beaches in the Philippines.

1. Pannzian Beach – This is a beach considered the seaside jewel. This is a beach in Pagudpod. It is a town near the sea which is very famous for having clear beaches covered with whaite sand. Pannzian is nine kilometers in length. This is top resort with two hundred sixty seven rooms in all. The rooms have a good view of the wide sea because each one has a balcony. They also have a course for golf fans. The golf also has a good view of the Paoay Lake.
2. Nipa Beach – This is beach filled with good sceneries. The sand in this beach seems to be rolling downwards as you get close to the shore. This resort has classy nipa huts with roofs that are pointed. This beach is famous for the clean and blue water. The beach is part of the great China Sea. The whole beach also has tall trees providing good shade while you are enjoying your time in the sand.

3. Pagudpud Beach – This is a beach near the bay of Bangui. This is called Boracay of the north by many people because the sand is just as fine. Pagudpod is even favored by more beach goers because you can do any sports you can do in the water. Pagudpod is a good venue for boating, snorkeling, parasailing and surfing.Many picknickers also go here to spend time with their family.

4. Calayab Beach – This is a beach in the town of Calayab. There are many hotels and resorts in this beach including Fort Ilocandia. Fort Ilocandia is a hotel with its own casino.

5. Terra Rika Beach – This another Laoag beach located in Pagudpod. You can enjoy the sceneries in this beach as the sun rises and when the sun sets. The place is more peaceful than other beaches which provide a good place to meditate and relax. They have a resort with twenty five rooms that are complete with all the amenities. They also have a diving facility where divers can enjoy.

6. Saud Beach – This is a beach in Pagudpod. One of the best things you can do is kayaking.The waves in this beach is good for kayaking and even paragliding. One of the well known resorts in this beach is Vista del Mar. The windmills of Bangui are landmarks in this beach.

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