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Ormoc Beach Guide

Ormoc Beach Guide

Although Ormoc is recognized as a bustling commercial city, it is also becoming famous for its tourist sites. As this Ormoc beach guide will indicate, there are several places the tourist can go to for some swimming & diving.

One of the most desirable destinations that this Ormoc beach guide can point at is Sabin Beach. The site is replete with several resorts that can provide you with all the amenities and accommodations that you will need in your stay. Of course, the main attraction is the beach itself, and the water and sands will definitely not disappoint. The clear blue skies are also only matched by the purity of the air you can breathe.

This Ormoc beach guide can also testify to the beauty of the surroundings at San Roque Beach. San Roque is a name that diving aficionados will recognize very well, as it is the site of several diving sites like Turtle Rock and the Coral Garden. However, the view from the beach itself is breathtaking.

The waters in San Roque Beach, as this Ormoc beach guide can point out, is very clear and the depth is perfect for those that just want to go swimming with their friends or family.

Not far from San Roque is Bitu On Beach. This Ormoc beach guide can indicate to you that apart from the untainted waters and the unspoiled white sands, the skies are also brilliantly set. Some prefer to watch the sun rise, while others prefer to gaze at the setting of the sun. Or you may just marvel at the myriad types of seashells along the coastline.

A good Ormoc beach guide should also include Kuting Beach. As one of the up and coming beach destinations in the Philippines, the number of cottages and resorts in the area are growing in number, which will make your stay in the area more comfortable and enjoyable.

Maamo Beach is the destination of tourists and travelers who want to do some exploring along with their swimming. This Ormoc beach guide can attest to the existence of a number of exotic fish and other underwater denizens that can only be found in this part of the Philippines, making it a haven for underwater explorers.

What this Ormoc beach guide has indicated is that there is more to the city than what most people believe. If you love going to the beach but want to experience something different from the usual, then you might want to include these beaches in your travel plans.

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