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Puerto Galera Government Sites

Puerto Galera Government Sites

The Paradise of Puerto Galera

This coastal municipality is known amid visitors for its several receptacle coasts or beaches and various Scuba diving locations and snorkeling. In the early 1970’s, the region was chosen as UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Reserve (because of the presence of most diverse coral reef diving in Asia). The marine setting has earned economic lift (dollor influx) because of the international visitors. Thus, this opportunity had led to the development of the place from an undiscovered wonder to a main tourist attraction.

Puerto Galera and its International Reputation

The place’s popularity had been uplifted when it was hailed as one of the most admired beaches in the entire globe by the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World (the only bay in the Philippines to be regarded as such). Its international recognition is definitely a non sense thing because the place is characterized by sparkling blue sea waters and white sand shorelines. In order to keep up with the arrival of visitors and tourists locally and internationally, they made some improvement throughout the year by establishing Puerto Galera as a getaway paradise with fine accommodations, entertainment facilities (in bars and restaurants) and cozy lively atmosphere. For several years, Puerto Galera had evolved to a ‘paradise that never sleeps’. Puerto Galera is one of the favorite hangout places of relaxation (to escape work-related stress) of many of the call center agents in Metro Manila and its accessibility has been the main reason. There are actually local transportations (provincial buses that take some main roads around Metro Manila) that could bring tourists and visitors to Puerto Galera. Since it is located in the Island of Mindoro, available sea vessels or ferries would take vacationers and tourists to the main white sand coves of Puerto Galera.

Accessing Puerto Galera Online

The island of Mindoro is the location where the beautiful beaches of Puerto Galera could be found. One of the main advantages of staying and enjoying Puerto Galera (beside its accessibility from Metro Manila residents) is tourists and city dwellers does not need to spend a lot of money just to enjoy white sand shorelines and sparkling blue waters. Getting more information of the beauty and wonders of Puerto Galera, the official website of Mindoro (http://www.ormindoro.gov.ph/) gives an overview of what could be expected in the said location. The website, as well, is packed with facts and figures about the island of Mindoro.

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  1. peter747

    i work in a philippine call center and the work can be quite stressful… puerto gallera is one place i would love to visit one of these days to escape from work… hehe

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