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Eat Food the Traditional Way at Kamayan

Eat Food the Traditional Way at Kamayan

Traditionally, Filipinos eat food with bare hands. It is a centuries old practice, and it is totally convenient for the traditional Filipino. If you want to have a try at it then you are very welcome to sample this eating method in a restaurant that allows just that — Kamayan.

Kamay is the Filipino word for hand. Kamayan means to either shake hands or since we’re talking about food and this particular restaurant it would mean eating using only your hands. Kamayan has placed this traditional way of eating with hands on a pedestal and turned it into a real art form.

Eating by bare hands is still practiced by Filipinos nowadays. But if you’re not really into it, Kamayan does have spoons and forks and knives to help you out with the eating. If you don’t want to spoil the interesting experience then try it a few times at first.

The Kamayan restaurant opened way back in 1977. Kamayan now has many different branches all over Metro Manila. They showcase the finest in Philippine cuisine. So if you really want to try out real Filipino food and eat the Filipino way, then try Kamayan.

First on the list of house specialties in every Kamayan restaurant is called Lechon de Leche. It is a roasted native pig, usually a suckling pig. This is a clear favorite among the regular Kamayan customers. Lechon de Leche is not only a favorite here, but is a superstar in many Philippine Fiestas. This crispy Filipino cuisine is at the heart of every celebration in the country. Just remember to watch the calories and guard your heart.

You might want to turn down some servings of the roasted pig to give way to more of Kamayan’s other Philippine cuisine. Kamayan also serves a delectable Seafood Platter. It consists of crabs, prawns, mussels, and squid among other great seafood to delight your taste buds.

You may also want to sample some of Kamayan’s vegetable dishes like Pinakbet (stewed vegetables) and Bicol Express (i.e. vegetables cooked in coconut milk with a lot of green peppers that make a really spicy stew).

For dessert Kamayan serves a wonderful array of food that includes caramel custard, Halo Halo (i.e. mixed fruit topped with crushed ice), and fresh fruit juices. Beer, wine, and sodas are served as well.

Every Kamayan restaurant is designed with a family setting in mind, since eating as a family is a timeless Filipino tradition. If you want to glimpse what it’s like to eat like a Filipino then eat at Kamayan.



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