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For Locals, Expats and tourists in the Philippines.
Philippines Sightseeing Guide

Philippines Sightseeing Guide

The Philippines is an ever growing vacation spot for people from around the globe, no matter if you are bringing your family of if you are going alone. You will be able to fulfill your dream of a paradise vacation in the Philippines, but you also need a good Philippines Sightseeing Guide that will show you where you should start and which places you should absolutely not miss.

We will be going from the northern parts of the Philippines to the southern parts in our sightseeing expedition and the Philippines Sightseeing Guide will introduce the first spot to visit which are the Banaue Rice Terraces. The Banaue Rice Terraces are dubbed as the eighth world wonder and they have been around for over 2000 years. Created by the local tribe called the Ifugao, the rice terraces have been their way of livelihood and this area is wonderful for trekking and just experiencing the nature around you.

Another Philippines Sightseeing Guide spot that has to be visited lies just a little south from the rice terraces in a place called Pampanga. Pampanga is located in Luzon, Philippines and within Pampanga you will find the infamous active volcano that has devastated thousands of lives very recently. The volcano that we are talking about is the Mount Pinatubo. You can experience this volcano through trekking to the crater or you can stay at a safe distance and do it according to the Philippines Sightseeing Guide in an old site watching manner.

The next place on our Philippines Sightseeing Guide takes you to the islands of the Bicol region. This is one of the live highlights in the Philippines Sightseeing Guide, because if you are going to Bicol during February through May, you will see the most spectacular marine mammal; the whaleshark. You can swim with them, snorkel with them, dive with them or just marvel at them at a safe distance, whichever way you want to experience the whaleshark it will definitely be an unforgettable moment in your trip to the Philippines.

The last site on the Philippines Sightseeing Guide will be another famous spot known to locals and foreigners alike; the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Bohol is an island in the Visayan region and has the most interesting hill formations in the Philippines that occasionally look like chocolate kisses. These hills have brown colored grass which makes them look like chocolate and thus the name.

The Philippines Sightseeing Guide ends here, but if you want to visit more places in the Philippines to do more sightseeing, then go ahead and get information about these places first. Enjoy your sightseeing trip in the Philippines and return as many times as you can.

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