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Subic Sightseeing Guide

Subic Sightseeing Guide

Tourists will be able to do several things and see many places in the Philippines. One of the wonderful places in the country is just two hours ago by car. It is Subic located in the Zambales province. There are many things friends and families can do in Subic. A family living in the city can enjoy a lot of rare experiences in Subic. The nature is well preserved in Subic. The following are some of the good things a family or a group of friends can do in Subic:

1. Subic rainforest and the Subic zoo.

The rainforest in Subic is one of the best in the northern island of Luzon. As one drives along the area you will pass by lush forests on each side. There are several monkeys on the street that you might happen to see as you pass by. There is one place there where many bats live. These are some things not common for many people living in urbanized areas. There is a group there that promotes this eco-tourism in the rainforest as a jungle survival trekking / survival tour and they will show you how you can survive in the rainforest with nature around you.

Subic zoo is another place you should never miss out. They offer different animals for you to see. There are some tigers and other animals which are considered exotic. There is a sanctuary for crocodiles and a place with many snakes. You can ride an enclosed jeep and see the tigers roaming about. This is the safari tour which costs three hundred ninety five pesos on a weekend and two hundred ninety five pesos on a weekday.

2. Subic outdoor activities.

There are many things you can do in Subic which are mostly done outdoors. You can have an enjoyable time riding horses in the place called El Kabayo. Subic has a lot of beaches as well. There are many resorts to choose from. The sand in Subic is white and the water is clean and blue. You can do the usual water activities you can enjoy in Boracay or Puerto Galera but you don’t have to go that far from Manila. There are plenty of hotels where you and your friends can stay. There are some hotels with a water park of their own and some have casinos.

Ocean Adventure is another must see place in Subic. This is the version of the ocean world in the United States. It is not bigger than the one in America however it still offers many kids and adults the chance to see dolphin or whale shows. For a certain additional fee you can even mingle with the sea animals. You can also see sea lions and their show.

Subic has become the Philippine’s major attraction for local and foreign tourists. If you live in Manila you should see Subic and discover that it might be your weekend getaway once in a while.

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