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Samar Travel Guide

Samar Travel Guide

Samar is a popular and attractive province in southern Philippines since it is known for its rich culture and heritage. Throughout the year, many people visit the beautiful tourist spots in the province. However, to have an enjoyable, remarkable, and exciting vacation in the place, there are different Samar travel guides that people can look at to have ideas about the famous hospitality service providers in the province that offer reasonable rates. Additionally, the guides also offer information on restaurants that serve sumptuous and affordable meals to everyone.

Accommodations in Samar Travel Guide

For the convenience and comfort of travelers and tourists, most Samar travel guides feature a section on accommodations in the province. The section offers knowledge on the amenities as well as accommodation rates in several hospitality service providers in Samar, Philippines. To tourists who are in search for hotels that have attractive facilities, they can always make advance reservations at Dumpao Beach Resort, Jasmin Beach Resort, and Bobon Beach Resort. Meanwhile, for those who like to stay in lodges and inns that have affordable accommodations, they should visit Sogod Bay Lodge, Huraw Lodge, and Travelers Home Lodge Inn.

Dining in Samar Travel Guide

Another section in Samar travel guides that get the attention of travelers to the province is dining. By looking at this section, people can always look at the specialties of several restaurants and dining places in Samar, Philippines. For those who prefer to dine in places that serve both local and foreign cuisines, they can visit these dining places; Arnelli’s Pizza, Caluwayan Palm Island Resort and Restaurant, as well as C’Italian Dining.


Most Samar travel guides also feature festivals and special events in Samar, Philippines. Hence, for tourists who want to observe some of the famous festivals in the province, they can refer to Samar travel guides for the details of the events. Most of these guides feature information like history and what to see in the attractive Samar festivals Kadayaw Festival, Parayan Harvest Festival, and Pasidungog Festival.

Tourist Destinations

Above all, Samar travel guides provide knowledge on tourist destinations or spots in Samar, Philippines. For people who like to see natural attractions in the province, they can always visit Panhulugan Cave, Shoton Cave, and Bugasan Cave. On the other hand, for individuals who plan to visit the province’s manmade attractions, they can visit Calbayog Cathedral, Basey 17th Century Church, and Shoton National Park. With the use of Samar travel guides, people can surely have a relaxing and worry-free visit to one of the famous provinces in southern Philippines, Samar.

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