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Legazpi Hospitals and Health Care

Legazpi Hospitals and Health Care

Legazpi hospitals and health care is very much accessible with the presence of first class medical facilities like the Legazpi Eye Center and Aquinas University Hospital.

Legazpi Eye Center

Legazpi Eye Center started in 1994 as the private clinic of Dr. Rollo Millante, an ophthalmologist who finished his residency at the UST Hospital in 1991. Establishing an eye center was far from the mind of Dr. Milante because he was keen on pursuing a fellowship in Oculoplasty. When he ventured into general opthalmology, his ambition to be an Oculoplasty fellow burst like a bubble. He felt the need of offering opthalmic care to the people of his home province of Albay.

Construction of the new facility started in 1994 at the Imperial Court Subdivision II. Dr. Millante’s practice saw a steady progress as the number of his patients increased. Eventually, Dr. Millante expanded medical service not only to those who had the money to pay but also to the indigent people of Bicol as well as surrounding regions. He then moved to a bigger and more convenient venue to accommodate his increasing number of patients. Eventually, Dr. Millante began to recruit other ophthalmologists with clinical background.

Aquinas University Hospital

The establishment of Aquinas University Hospital was a product of a long collaboration starting in the 1970s. Only a few people believed that having a non-profit hospital in Legazpi would gain the attention of the public. The founders of the hospital thought of establishing a pioneer departmentalized hospital in the region, which during that period was one of the most populated and poorest regions in the country.

In February of 1973, the doctors behind Legaspi Medical Center pooled their efforts together in order to institutionalize the small but recognizable medical facility in Albay. On July 5, 1975, Aquinas University took over management of the facility. It became the mother hospital of the school’s College of Nursing. As most of the doctors who originally established the hospital could not regularly come, Dr. Enrique Salinas became the Officer-in-Charge of Aquinas University Hospital.

Ago General Hospital

The establishment of the Ago General Hospital in 1965 was designed to promote the national family planning program in a span of 5 years. It had 180 beds and incorporated family planning into the services of the general hospital. The main procedure used in the hospital is sterilization. From its 3600 patients yearly, 15% have adopted family planning.

When it comes to family planning, Ago General Hospital uses three main techniques: in-patient, out-patient, and supportive care. It works hand in hand with other medical facilities and agencies concerning their family planning program.

These are just some of the facilities that can address your need when looking for Legazpi hospitals and health care.

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