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Subic Bay Destination Guides

Subic Bay Destination Guides


Nobody really knows Subic Bay that well because it’s only recently that tourism in this part of the country picked up. Because there isn’t much information on Subic Bay destinations, many tourists hesitate to go here thinking there’s little to see for visitors. Contrary to such thinking though, there are wonderful Subic Bay destinations that once visited will change how one looks at this place.

Zoobic Safari

Gaining popularity among children and adults is the Zoobic Safari, a zoo unlike any other in the Philippines and comparable to the really famous ones in Asia such as the Night Safari in Singapore. There’s just something about animals that touches a soft spot among adults and especially children and Zoobic Safari offers that once in a lifetime opportunity to see and understand these creatures. Among the attractions at this Subic Bay destination are the Aeta’s Trail, where interaction with the indigenous group Aetas can be made as well as a chance to see their way of life, the Croco Loco, which is an encounter with adult and baby crocodiles in their natural environment, the Serpentarium and the Savannnah to name a few. There is even a museum at the Zoobic Safari called the Animal Muzooeum which is educational as it is a chance to learn about the evolution of animals.

If one feels that a day at the Zoobic Safari is not enough, the good news is that there is a hotel at this Subic Bay destination called the Zoobic Lodge at Tiara. This small hotel found about 20 minutes away from the Zoobic Safari has first class amenities and provides excellent customer service and they make it a point that their guest’s stay is truly memorable.

Bat Kingdom

Another interesting Subic Bay destination is the Bat Kingdom which has over a thousand bats that has made it its home. The biggest type of bat known as the Fruit bat can be found at the Bat Kingdom as well as the smallest of them all named Bamboo bats. This Subic Bay destination is very accessible from other tourist spots and public transportation so dropping by shouldn’t be a problem. The Bat Kingdom charges an entrance fee of Php 100 for adults and Php 70 for children. The other known tourist destinations that can be found near Bat Kingdom are the Subic Golf Course, Subic Park Hotel and the Apaliin Trail. The Bat Kingdom also has a small souvenir shop inside.

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