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Dumaguete Festivals and Events

Dumaguete Festivals and Events


One of the favorite things that tourists and local visitors do when in Dumaguete is participate in Dumaguete festivals. Dumaguete festivals are among the most unique and colorful in the entire country and because these events are lively and enjoyable, many people flock to Dumaguete particularly on these occasions.

Sandurot Festival

One of the most highly anticipated Dumaguete festivals is the Sandurot Festival held every November for 5 days, starting from November 21. For those who particularly want to learn about the rich history of Dumaguete, should make it a point to attend the Sandurot Festival since this is a depiction of the lives of the early inhabitants. The history of Dumaguete from the time that the foreigners entered the city from the Dumaguete seas is depicted at the Sandurot Festival through dances, parades and plays. This Dumaguete festival traces history from before to now so all those who are watching begin to understand the journey that this city has made. The Sandurot Festival is organized by the local government and the organizers make it a point to represent all the foreign cultures that have had an influence on Dumaguete such as the Spanish, Americans, Japanese and Chinese. Of course, no Dumaguete festival is complete without the rhythmic street dancing and this is definitely part of the Sandurot Festival.

Buglasan Festival

The Buglasan Festival is held for 10 days every October and this event kicks off with dance competitions. All the inhabitants of Negros Oriental culminate at Dumaguete City for this much awaited Dumaguete festival. During the 10 days that the Buglasan Festival is celebrated, there are even singing competitions for all age groups. One of the good things that happen during this Dumaguete festival is the cultural shows that exhibit the talent of the inhabitants. The Buglasan Festival also has booths with local handicrafts for sale. There are also other competitions during the Buglasan Festival such as chess, cheer dance, folk dance, and pyrotechnics. In this Dumaguete festival, there is something for everybody whether it be a cultural show display, shopping or just a day of dancing.

Santa Cruzan Fiesta

This Dumaguete festival is somewhat similar to Buglasan Festival. The Santa Cruzan Fiesta is held every May and it is where the prettiest girls and some showbiz icons walk the streets adorned in beautiful dresses. The Santa Cruzan Fiesta is a religious event celebrated as far back as the time of the Spaniards so this Dumaguete festival will give one an opportunity to appreciate the history of this city.

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