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Philippines Dive Sites: A Must-See!

Philippines Dive Sites: A Must-See!

Coming to the Philippines offers a lot of travel and tour possibilities but there is one thing you should never miss; having a feel of one of the numerous breathtaking dive sites in the Philippines. One should never miss out on the chance of seeing the wonderful and colorful life in marine waters. To help you make it happen, here are some of the must-see dive sites in the country.

Driving north of Manila for two and a half hours brings you to a Philippine diving spot featuring a blue mountain and sea—Subic. This place was originally a naval base used by Spanish colonizers in 1885. Then it was transformed into a naval facility; but when the Americans left the country, it became a Freeport economic and tourism zone.

Let us now go south of the country’s capital. Only 140 kilometers away from Manila, Anilao, in Batangas province, is a favorite diving spot on weekends and holidays. It houses 24 diving sites which are mostly shallow gardens among sandy patches and coral slopes. Of these 24 diving sites, the Cathedral is the most popular. Imagine a roofless cavern with a blessed cross in between two huge sea mounts and don’t forget the serenity of watching schools of emperor angelfish and yellow damsel fish.

Only a boat-ride away from Anilao is another popular dive site—Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro. This diving spot harbors fine beaches, green scenery and sheltered coves. Moreover, it has diverse marine life forms that will surely paint unforgettable memories.

Further south is Busuanga, the largest in the group of Lamian Islands in Northern Palawan. Busuanga as a diving spot is considered one of a kind due to the reserve and wildlife sanctuary and wrecks around Coron Bay. There are twelve of these wrecks that can be seen at diveable depths.

Divers say that you can pay a visit to the world under water anytime but they greatly recommend doing so in Busuanga from October to May. They say that the visibility and current are best during these months.

Aside from the wrecks and the sanctuaries, limestone cliffs and tiny isolated beach coves are pleasing to the eyes. One even features hot springs that can be accessed by climbing over the limestone pinnacles. Last but not the least, we guarantee that pearl farms will fancy your eyes.

So, whenever you pay a visit to this tropical country, never forget to visit any of these dive sites in the Philippines for it will surely make your trip breathtaking, adventurous and worthwhile.

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