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Iloilo Destination Guides

Iloilo Destination Guides

Known as the ‘Heritage Haven of Panay,’ Iloilo’s popularity stems from its gentry living as depicted by its majestic structures throughout the province. It got its name from the word “Ilong-ilong” because it resembled the shape of a nose.

Iloilo City is a living proof of the wealthy culture of the province. Popular landmarks, such as Muelle Loney, Museo Iloilo, Arevalo, Plaza Libertad, Fort San Pedro and Jaro, is home to 19th century mansions, flower nurseries, and pina and jusi weaving looms. Jaro is the provincial capital and is where most of the province’s rich and elite have preserved their ancestral homes.

Iloilo destination guides will tell us that the province is more than just grand churches and mansions. Here are just some of the sites and landmarks worth seeing in Iloilo.

Bucari, in the town of Leon, is the province’s adaptation of Baguio. It is also a popular destination during the hot summer months.

El Dorado Waterpark provides tourists with an opportunity to freshen up and have fun at the same time. It is the latest addition to Smallville, Iloilo’s hub for entertainment and dining. El Dorado boasts of its South American influenced pools and poolside rooms.

Speaking of freshening up, Iloilo has its share of beaches. Located in the island of Panay, known for its attractive islets and coasts teeming with marine life, Iloilo beaches has the making of a top tourist spot in the country. From the northern to the southern end of the province, there are plenty of beaches to choose from that can certainly make your summer refreshing.

Iloilo destination guides will tell us that the most convenient way to reach the province is to take an airplane. Most of the cities in the country have scheduled daily flights enroute to Iloilo. If you prefer the longer route, fly to Cebu City and make your way to Iloilo City via Negros Occidental.
From Manila, proceed first to Cebu then make your way to Negros. Another option is to go on an overnight trip from Manila or Cebu.

Regardless of the mode of transportation, Iloilo is an excellent place to visit whenever you want to free yourself from the hectic life in the city. It provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere if you are looking for a laid-back vacation. Iloilo is a place that combines country living with the sounds of chirping birds and city life. When looking for a place to visit, Iloilo should be among your considerations.

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