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Davao Transportation

Davao Transportation


Davao is very much known for its exotic fruits and beautiful orchids but aside from these, there are many things that draw visitors to Davao. Davao is the largest city by far in Mindanao and aside from being the crown jewel of the southern Philippines, there are many interesting places to go to here. If one is planning a trip to Davao, aside from reading up on places to go to or things to do here, it’s also a good idea to find out what the available modes of transportation are in the city. One can be sure that public Davao transportation is something that even tourists can take despite the fact that it might be their first time to go here.

Getting to Davao

The quickest option to get to Davao is via plane and this mode of Davao transportation can easily be done because of the many different domestic carriers that make daily trips to Davao. If flying to Davao, one will arrive at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport and this is a facility that accommodates both local and international flights. Choosing which airline to use to get to Davao is a matter of preference and one can even avail of promotional offers so that ticket fares can be lowered to as little as Php100 per head.

Another way to get to this province is by land and through this mode of Davao transportation especially if coming from Manila, one be prepared to spend 2-3 days on the road. There are buses that leave Manila twice a day to go to Davao and among the options are Victory Liner and Philippine Rabbit. Buses are by far the cheapest mode of Davao transportation via land as compared to using one’s own vehicle or renting a car. Of course, the luxury, comfort and the scenic drive need to be weighed if one is thinking about bringing a car to Davao.

One could also get to Davao by sea and how much this costs depends on the size of the maritime vessel. There are smaller boats and ferries that charge lower amounts while those who are not in a hurry and would even like to go sightseeing on the way there can opt for ferries that make frequent stops to other islands.

Getting Around Davao

Being a highly industrialized city, getting around Davao is not a problem with a multitude of Davao transportation available to visitors. There are buses in the city, tricycles for short distances, jeepneys and taxis that can help one get to one’s destination. When it comes to taxis, there are 2 kinds in Davao, air conditioned and non-air conditioned. The former type of Davao transportation is little bit more expensive but both are safe and comfortable.

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