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Travel in the Philippines

Travel in the Philippines

When it’s winter and the cold is just too much, don’t you wish you could go somewhere warm and just enjoy a nice cool breeze? Well, if you do, why don’t you consider traveling to the Philippines?

The Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands – that could only mean many places for you to discover. Each place is special and its people so unique that you would always have a different time each time you visit. But if you are new to the Philippines, let us give you a hand in sorting through the best places to travel in the Philippines.

If it is your first time in the country and you want somewhere warm and tropical, you’d definitely want to hit the beautiful beaches. There’s a lot of well-known beaches in the country – first would have to be Boracay. Famed for its white sand and beautiful sunsets, Boracay has become a staple to every tourist’s travel in the Philippines. You could also check out Camiguin, Puerto Galera, Pagudpud, Batangas, Cebu, Davao and Bohol. All of these places are equipped with great facilities and warm people to make your stay a blast.

If you are looking for just a nice quiet place for you to relax and/or reflect, the Philippines also has a lot of beautiful mountains overlooking great landscapes. First on the list would have to be Baguio – the Philippines’ summer capital. This is the best place that you’d want to go to when you want to escape the heat of the metro as well as enjoy some great scenery. Get to meet some of the Igorot – a native tribe that over the years was able to maintain their culture and tradition. You could also check out Tagaytay, Antipolo and Bukidnon for some of those great places that you could go to when you just want to be alone and forget.

If, on the other hand, you were hoping to experience and know for yourself the country’s culture when you decided to travel in the Philippines, you can go to places in the country where the tradition of the past is still maintained. You can visit Vigan, a city of old houses dating back to the Spanish period and enjoy the best culinary delicacies native only to the country. There is also Cebu, the first city of the Philippines, where Ferdinand Magellan’s cross can be found.

Those are the most popular places that you might want to go to when you visit the Philippines. Just remember, each time is always a different time when you travel in the Philippines.

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