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Panoly Resort Hotel in Boracay

Panoly Resort Hotel in Boracay

Do you know what will make your most anticipated Boracay vacation in the Philippines the most perfect getaway trip? Checking in at a most trusted hotel in Boracay would do the trick.

As dozens of Boracay hotels abound in this number one tourist destination spot in the Philippines, there still remains a couple of hotels which are considered to be tried and tested by thousands of Boracay tourists every year. One of those very few elite Boracay hotels is the Panoly Resort Hotel.

Panoly Resort Hotel is the first world-class hotel in Boracay, Philippines. It started operating in November 1989 and has since claimed the most trusted tourist hotel in Boracay. The hotel’s expertise in providing quality hotel services made gained them a triple A rating from the Philippine Government’s Department of Tourism. Panoly Resort Hotel still remains committed to improving their world-class hotel service as it continues to gain recognition from tourists and tourism-related agencies, alike.

As guests check in at Panoly Resort hotel, they are expected to marvel at the warm service that the hotel staff renders. Filipino hospitality and cheerfulness are the distinct signatures of Panoly Resort Hotel. Its hotel staff are specially trained to make all of their guests feel comfortable and at home with the hotel’s facilities and services. The stay at Panoly Resort Hotel is complemented with gorgeous Boracay sceneries including the white sand beach, breathtaking sunsets and distinctly Filipino dishes.

For those looking for more adventurous undertakings, Panoly Resort Hotel offers a wide range of recreational and relaxing activities for them. Guests can experience the windsurfing thrill as Boracay is considered to be one of the Philippines’ top windsurfing locations. They can also explore the marvelous underwater environment through diving and snorkeling. They can sail away with the hotel’s available yachts, banca, kayaks and paddle boats for a more relaxing adventure. Guests are also offered with the supreme relaxation by availing of Panoly Resort Hotel’s spa.

But, those aren’t the only things the hotel offers. Other state-of-the-art facilities are something that every guest should take advantage of. The resort has forty cottages and its four-story building has 47 deluxe rooms and eight VIP suites. These rooms have veranda to be able to provide guests with breathtaking Boracay sceneries by just taking a peek from their own rooms. All the rooms are fully air conditioned with hot and cold shower, cable TV and a mini bar. The rooms also reflect the distinct Filipino culture with the rooms’ artistic local furniture which does not fail to create a world-class Filipino ambiance.

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