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A Mountain of Discoveries in Sibuyan Island

A Mountain of Discoveries in Sibuyan Island

For mountaineers and explorers or plain nosy tourists who ask what else is awaiting discovery in this modern planet, Mount Guiting-guiting is quite another world out there. This is a strange and extraordinary tourist spot which is ready to satiate the interest of the ravenously curious tourist.

Sibuyan Island, host to this enchanting mountain, is one of the biodiversity tourist spots of the country. It is one of the islands of Romblon in the Visayas. A fifteen-hour boat ride from Manila to Cajidiocan brings the traveler to this mango-shaped tourist spot island.

The whole mountain spot sprawls across the island’s three municipalities. It is Sibuyan’s center of adventure and scenic spots. Declared a national park in 1996, it is almost 936 miles high (or 2,058 meters), and the summit is rich in native flora and fauna found only in the Philippines. And many are yet to be discovered.

Aside from the usual wild gardens, waterfalls, streams, and rock formations that most mountains have, Mt. Guiting-guiting’s special attractions are the wild ferns and orchids that freely proliferate everywhere.

The grand display of unique shrubberies is strictly for “the eyes only”—do anything else with them and that’s enough to warrant penalties. The reforestation efforts of the government paid off and thick forests and vegetation shade the forest floors. Ferns of various kinds—Adiantum, Christella, Lecanopteris, Microlepia, Nephrolepis and Pteris flourish.

Just try to picture the biological prospects here—an army of tiny Hymenophyllums clinging to huge trees while dark green Teratophyllums crouch up, coiling around branches. Bulbiferous Asplenium Macrophyllum and Asplenium Tenerums are not to be left behind. They amass profusely on logs and damp places. See?

Of the ferns that abound on the mountain spot, Cyathea Sibuyanensis is the most well known. This is a midget sized tree fern growing on some 637 miles elevation (1,400 meters)—a special treat for fern lovers. In open areas of this tourist spot lay the Blechnum Orientale, a pinkish fern.

We’re talking of nature-farmed bonsai gardens in this scenic mountain spot for botanist-tourists.

The Sibuyan Island generally grows ordinary-looking “weeds” but don’t be fooled by their looks. These “weeds” in this mountain spot are hot items in other parts of the world. Just look at the Pitcher plant plenteous on this scenic spot—Nepenthes Sibuyanensis. This sells for a small fortune in some parts of the world.

Mt. Guiting-guiting in Sibuyan is like a smaller, eerier world in a small eerie world. If the quest is an in depth scrutiny of the veiled nooks and crannies of Mother Nature, of the quiet and unnoticed prolific kingdoms of miniscule creatures, then just look long and hard enough round this tourist spot, trekking the slopes and peak of this mountain spot, Mt. Guiting-guiting.

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