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Healing Spree at Hidden Valley

Healing Spree at Hidden Valley

For energy-drained city people stressed out by work pressures; or those with muscle and back aches looking for the ultimate relief treatment; or just plain daring tourists seeking what more wonders nature can show — The Hidden Valley Springs in Alaminos, Laguna, Philippines promises an end to the search.

Found in the backwoods and secluded forests between magical mountains of Banahaw and Makiling is Hidden Valley Springs nestled at the foot of the gargantuan mountains; a unique tourist spot that has lured crowds of excursionists.

This tourist spot is an enchanting 110 acres of unspoiled tree forest and rare shrubberies, palms, and ferns interspersed with dazzling natural waterfalls and pristine pools. These are nature-dug water forms through cataclysmic upheavals centuries ago, resulting in hundreds of water puddles of different temperature. As a result, the waters bubbling up come from beneath the earth and rises as natural hot springs.

The natural hot spring waters are said to soothe body aches and relieve stress pains in muscles. Ingested, the pure water from hot springs possesses minerals for body rejuvenation and energy recharge. Splashed on the body or used as a soak-in potion, Hidden Valley Spring water is said to be therapeutic. Many claim the hot spring water can fix a quick remedy for body pains.

Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna is a mere 75 kilometer land trek from Makati (or 2 hours travel). Taking the SLEX or South Luzon Expressway towards the exit to Batangas, proceed to Alaminos, Laguna until the Alaminos Church is in sight. From there directions will lead the traveler to the enigmatic tourist spot.

Hidden Valley Springs boasts of more than 150 plant species most of which are found nowhere else. These are rare or endangered types. Most of them are herbal or medicinal that locals claim work wonders with lots of ailments. The inference is that the healing natural hot spring waters of Hidden Valley Springs have somehow influenced the wild undergrowth—or is it the other way around? But the popular conclusion is that the blend of natural hot spring water and natural herbs has created a synergism that manifests in a calming and healing phenomenon.

Hidden Valley Springs is one of nature’s secret veiled by protective mountains that only daring tourists can discover. It is a tourist spot of numerous hot spring water pools burst by Mother Nature herself to ease all ills, even those of stressful wearied lives of city workers.


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