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Butuan Travel Agents

Butuan Travel Agents

Curious about the place called The Home of Balangays (ancient sea vessel used by early settlers of the Philippines)? Wondering about the so-called Timber City of the South? These nicknames are attributed to the wonderful city of Butuan. The place is as well known as the ‘Ancient Kingdom of Butuan’. Its name was derived from, according to sources, a certain ruler of the land during the ancient times (Datu Buntuan). The place is the Caraga’s regional center where offices and various agencies of the government almost situated. History asserted that as early as the tenth (10th) century, the Kingdom of Champa, which is now Vietnam, had established commercial affairs with the locals of Butuan. The Srivijaya Empire of Java as well, had been undergoing trading pacts during those times. Since then, the place developed in terms of financial stability and urban lifestyle.

Butuan City Festivals

The City of Butuan honors Santo Niño (the Holy Child Jesus) and in honor of their patron the Festival of Kahimunan is being celebrated. This feast falls annually on the third (3rd) Sunday of January. It is said t be the version or a sort of rendition of Cebu City’s Sinulog Festival. ‘Gathering’ is the literal meaning of the word ‘Kahimuan’-a Lumad terminology. In celebration of the Charter Day of Butuan City, an awareness or consciousness week for cultural festival or tourism is commemorated every year. This week-long celebration starts from the last week of July until the second day of August. It is known as the Adlaw Hong Butuan that starts with a Holy Eucharist as a thanksgiving. It is followed by series of activities such as awarding of outstanding local government employees, street party, ‘palagsing’ festival and motorcade. The feast patroness of the Agusan River, St. Anne, is celebrated as the Abayan Festival and is being held every last Sunday of July. Every nineteenth of May, the city celebrates the feast of St. Joseph, the patron of the City of Butuan. The celebration of the Thanksgiving Mass is one of the highlights of the festivity followed by more festive events.

Helping the trip to Butuan

To enjoy the wonders of Butuan, always remember every traveler’s rule of thumb: travel light. Eco-Tourism is one of the focal point of Butuan’s progress and economic drive. For this reason, travel agencies help visitors and tourists find assistance regarding accommodation and travel itinerary as they stay at Butuan City. MR Travel Services, Inc. offers tourists and visitors alike to enjoy the beauty of Butuan City. Located at Metropolitan Manila in Ermita, the agency has been doing the service since 1985. Their stability has been defined by the thousands of satisfied customers throughout the years in the business. MR Travel website provides updated announcements and advisories to help tourists and visitors on their preferred travel destinations.


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