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Subic Bay Festivals and Events

Subic Bay Festivals and Events


Subic Bay is known for being the economic hub of the northen part of Luzon. Subic Bay, despite being very modern has annual Subic Bay festivals that it celebrates with much vigor and excitement.

Scootourista Festival

This Subic Bay festival although not very traditional is just as exciting and definitely very interesting. The Scootourista Festival is commercial in nature and it serves as a promotion for several businesses through races and rallies. The scooter is growing in popularity in the Philippines because it’s an affordable means of transportation that can avoid the everyday congestion. Scooters are on parade at the Scootourista Festival primarily because Subic Bay is where many big scooter companies drop off the goods to sell to the Filipino market. Big names such as Honda and Mitsubishi as well as American motorbike brands participate at the Scootourista Festival and races are held between professional drivers. This Subic Bay festival starts in Olongapo and passes through several provinces such as Zambales and Bataan with Subic as the final destination. Scooter enthusiasts who form their own clubs make sure they are in Subic for the Scootourista Festival and there are at least 3000 enthusiasts during this Subic Bay festival. Add this to the eager onlookers and one has a very excited crowd anticipating the rallies and races. During the Scootourista Festival, there are also trade exhibits for scooters as well as for the accessories and parts of the bike. This Subic Bay festival would not be complete without a live band at the end of the evening and the crowd partying until the early hours of morning.

Fil-Am Friendship Day

Subic Bay was where the US military base was set up until 1991 by virtue of an agreement between the governments of the US and the Philippines. During the time that the American base was located in Subic, the Americans and the Filipinos lived in perfect harmony and hence the origin of the Fil-Am Friendship Day. This Subic Bay festival is on the same date as the US Independence Day which is July 4 and there are special activities during the Fil-Am Friendship Day. The Fil-Am Friendship Day remembers the combined efforts of the American and Filipinos during the Second World War to achieve freedom from the Imperial rule. Considered as heroes, the soldiers who fought and helped the Filipinos regain their liberty receive the warmest appreciation and thanks from the residents. During the Fil-Am Friendship Day, there are parades, street dancing, plays and various exhibits that locals and visitors enjoy. The Fil-Am Friendship Day ends with an amazing firework display.

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