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Leyte Beach Guide

Leyte Beach Guide

Leyte and the south part of Leyte are basically connected to the important role these places had in the Philippine history. Today Leyte is becoming one of the best destinations to visit and have a vacation in the country. The beauty of Leyte is now rediscovered by more and more tourists.

1. White Beach – This is beach five miles or eight kilometers from the city of Tacloban. It is situated in the small town of San Jose. The water in this beach are peaceful and the current is not strong. There are many resorts in this beach you can choose from. The beach is pure and it is a good location where family and friends can have a picnic and enjoy the waters. Divers can also have a good time in this beach.

2. The Amihan Cebu Woodlands – This beach gives guest the experience of living in the province. It is ner Calubian and San Isidro. The waters of this beach is calm and the sounds you can hear all come from nature. There are coconut trees and Acacia trees everywhere. There are other plants, mangroves and flowers. There are some animals you can see walking around freely like cows.

3.Red Beach – This beach is located in the middle of the Baras town and Candahug town. This can be found six miles from the city. This beach is also important in the Philippine history. This was the beach where the troop of General MacArthur came to return to the country during the world war. Today you can see statues as landmark of the landing. People go to this beach for long walks and swimming. Today there are top class hotels and resorts in the beach. More foreigners have visited the place lately.

4.Bitu-On Beach – This is a beach in the town of San Roque in the south of Leyte. It can be reached by a motorized boat. The view in this beach is great and provides a good place for walking along the shore. Many people also gather shells from this beach while some go fishing.

5.Kuting Beach – This is found in Macrohon but this beach will dazzle unsuspecting tourists because the beach is also beautiful. This beach can be very quiet most of the time because few people come to this beach. The sand is so fine and silky to the skin.

6. Cuatro Islas – This is a group of islands in Leyte composed of four islands in all. The names are Digyo, Mahaba, Apid an Hiumokilan. They are populare because of the fine sands. There are many corals under the waters attracting many divers.

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