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Fortune With Cookies

Fortune With Cookies

Christine Jacinto thought that her new career as a homemaker would mean losing the opportunity to earn her own money. Attending to the needs of her husband, raising her sons (ages 5 an d3), and doing most of the household chores took most of her time that she never imagined she could start her own business. But entrepreneurial as she is, she found herself earning quite a sum of money right at the comforts of her home, specifically in her kitchen, baking cookies.

Q: What made you venture into this business?

A: Ever since I was in high school, I already love baking and cooking. In fact, I have a degree in Hotel and Management and worked with several restaurants before I got married. But with two kids to raise, I decided to just stay at home. So I was left cooking only for my family.

But on several occasions where friends and relatives would get to sample my baking, they would be impressed and some started to place their orders. In most cases, they would delight themselves with the cakes or cookies that I baked. But back then, it was more of a hobby and I only accommodate orders on selective basis.

Q: When and how did you start?

A: I started three Christmases ago. My youngest son’s birthday falls on November 10 and during his first birthday, we had a children’s party at home where I served several baked goodies for the kids. Surprisingly, many of the parents placed their own orders. I found out later that they intended them as gifts for Christmas.

Q: What were the initial problems that you encountered?

A: Quite a lot! Basically because everything was unexpected, I really did not plan to start a business during that time. First was buying the ingredients and other supplies that I needed. Of course I have to shell out some money for them. Thanks to my husband for providing me with the initial capital. Then there is also the problem with packing the goodies since they were Christmas gifts. There was also the problem of meeting with the schedule. Since I was doing the baking myself, it was really tiring.

And as I found it to be an additional source of income, I also have to employ people to assist me and it was hard to get someone you can trust since I have to make sure of the quality of the products. Plus the fact that this was being done at home, you wouldn’t just allow a stranger to enter your home.

Q: How much was your initial capital and how much working capital do you now maintain?

A: More or less around P15,000 which was used mostly to but the ingredients. But I did make additional purchases later on especially for the packaging. Then I also have to buy additional equipment as the orders started to grow.

Right now, my working capital has reached P50,000. And it actually depends on the orders. During Christmas season, I really get a lot of orders so I have to make a lot of purchases.

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