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A Plunge into the Deep Blue

A Plunge into the Deep Blue

One of the most exciting adventures is to explore the bottom of the sea. Scuba diving; it may seem dangerous, however it offers a once in a lifetime experience. An example of Asia’s finest diving destinations is the island of Bohol, Philippines. This island is located in Central Visayas region. Bohol dive sites are numerous across the island. Under its deep blue lies a vast paradise unfolding before every diver’s sight.

Most diving sites in Bohol could be found in Panglao Island. A smaller island connected to mainland Bohol through a bridge. It is composed of two neighboring towns namely Dauis and Panglao. Divers usually select an appropriate beach resort as a starting point towards their desired diving spot. These beach resorts cater to every diver’s need, from equipment to tourist guides.

Bohol dive sites in Panglao vary in its area of difficulty. Dive sites suitable for beginners are Kalipayan and Arco Point. The Kalipayan dive site is located in the Southeastern part of the island. It is also known as the “Happy Wall”. Arco Point appears to be at the center of southeast portion of Panglao. It’s other name is “Hole in the Wall” because of the presence of a vertical funnel passage.

There are also a number of Bohol dive sites which require more proficient diving skills. The Pungtud Wall dive site is located in Pungtud Island, Panglao. Normally, its currents can be strong; however one can still go there during a calm weather condition.

Duljo Point could be found at the southwest portion of Panglao. Napaling on the other hand, is situated at the center of northwester side of the island. Rico’s wall and Rudy’s Rock are both sited on Balicasag Island. Another island of Panglao situated on its southwest point.
A popular dive site, on Balicasag Island requiring a more advanced scuba diving skills is very often sought after. This scuba diving site in Bohol is known as the Black Forest. Novice divers are advised to stay close to their dive master while exploring this site.

These scuba diving sites in Bohol could compete with any dive site in the world. They are blessed with remarkable marine life which adds color to the deep blue. A diver can expect to see exquisite corals, various nudibranches, snappers, barracudas, stonefishes, highly-prized seashells, and a many more awe-inspiring sea creatures.

Scuba diving in Bohol is a one-of-a-kind experience. The island is equipped with a whole bunch of dive sites that could match world-class diving spots. The total vacation package spent on the isle of Bohol specifically in its scuba diving sites would make it not only an enjoyable one, but at the same time memorable, plus it’s all worth the money spent.

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