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Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

As the Philippines’ top tourism destination, the beautiful island of Bohol not only dazzles the eye, but also offers you a paradise on Earth. In a small exclusive beach resort in Panglao Island, you can find a place nearest to the legendary paradise of Eden – the Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa.

Located just 25 minutes from Tagbilaran City airport, the Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is a long stretch of powdery white sand that rivals the world-famous Boracay. More than 600 meters of sun and sand assures visitors a whole day of fun dipping in blue, crystal-clear waters.

The Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is not your usual beach resort. Guests can expect the best luxury and comfort in the privacy of several native villas with their own swimming pools. The boutique-style resort boasts of these thatched villas made of local materials such as wood, bamboo and rattan. But that is just the outside.

Inside each luxury villa, you can find modern amenities blending in perfect unison with native Filipino architectural design. You can relax in a tropical, Filipino-style setting while watching cable TV or listening to music on state-of-the-art iPod speakers.

Of course, a world-class resort accommodation wouldn’t be complete without their stylish, luxurious air-conditioned bedrooms with king-sized bed, bathroom, mini-bar, safety deposit boxes and other modern amenities. Each villa also has its own personal, landscaped garden so that you can enjoy nature inside your own private abode. Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa offers that and many more!

The infinity pool which looks like it is a connected to the sea is also worth looking and taking a dip into. All around the resort are beautiful trees, plants and flowers that gives you a feeling of paradise. You can also go swimming and sunbathing in the white sand beach or just relax around the swimming pools.

In terms of fine dining, Eskaya’s Lantawan Restaurant offers the delicious food and drinks amidst a natural scenery. You can even have alfresco-style dining along the beach, complete with your own personal butler.

If you’re looking for more adventure, it’s great to know that Bohol has more than just sandy beaches. Tourists and guests can visit the famed Chocolate Hills, go on a
blissful river cruise along Loboc River, cuddle the cute but endangered tarsier, or watch cavorting dolphins and whales in Pamilacan Island. These memorable trips can be arranged by the friendly staff of Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa.

This fabulous beach resort opened just last May, 2007, so don’t be surprised if it’s not yet a household name in Philippine travel and tourism. So the next time you go to Bohol, don’t forget to head off to the newest and most luxurious hideaway in the island – Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa.

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  2. Ma. Angelica D. Roca

    I have just been to Boracay last June 20-24 and it was heavenly. I want again to see the other beautiful tourists spots here in the Philippines and a friend suggested to try Eskaya Resort that’s the reason why I tried to search for Eskaya Resort. But I still want to know more about the resort, complete details of travel from Manila to the resort since I will be visiting the place with four (4) foreign friends and I want to boast how beautiful our country the Philippines is!

    Hoping to get an early reply from you since we will be going there on the 13th of August 2007.

  3. It is very simple getting to Eskaya Beach Resort.

    You fly from Manila I presume to Tagbilaran which should take around 1.15 minutes. You should book your flight with Cebu Pacific, they got the best deals at the moment.

    I think you can get round trip tickets for just over P3200 per person.

    If you already have a booking in Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, just have them pick you up in Tagbilaran airport to take you to the resort, it is an easy 30 minute ride.

    Alternatively you should be able to get a taxi from the airport at a reasonable cost as well. Just insist on meter usage 🙂

    Have a great vacation.

    – Kim

  4. erick clark

    eskaya beach is ok but i was really surprised when i visit my friends in that barrios.Binabakod nila and beach at hindi na makagamit yong mga local residents.And the worst is binu bull dozed pa nila yong dagat.I wonder why the local government hindi pumapalag Mrs. Lim the owner please be fair to the local residents,Yes your very or super rich but remember you cant owned the beach resorts.Please be fair and huwag mo silang bawalan maligo or mangisda sa harap ng eskaya beach mo.

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