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General Santos Government Sites

General Santos Government Sites

General Santos City: All about Tuna

The Tuna Capital of the Philippines had been cited as the ‘Most Competitive City’ because of its economic competency and stability. Agro-industry has been the strong commercial enterprise that enhanced the city of General Santos’ financial system. This feat would never be realized without a clear cut vision and mission declaration guiding them to live with.

Mission and Vission of General Santos City

The city’s mission: ‘To provide opportunities to all sectors of society to be productive and responsible stakeholders, through execution of sound and beneficial programs, projects and initiatives anchored on the principles of justice and equity.’ The main commerce of the place is agro-industrial and for this reason, the local government provided leverage on the promotion of the local products of the city. This has proved to be very effective and it really encouraged local and small entrepreneurs to improve on their crafts.

The local government as well provides alluring incentive that keeps the enthusiasm to keep improving. The city’s vision: ‘By 2015, General Santos City, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and the wellspring of winners will be a globally competitive and livable city whose healthy, friendly, well-educated and responsible citizens actively participate in effective governance.’ With a clear objective or goal in mind, being globally competitive would be a reality in the near future. Eco-Tourism is also a boost in the city’s economic stability and progress. The Kalaja Eco-Tourism Destination has been a favorite spot for visitors and tourists alike.

The Progress of Tuna Fishing Industry in General Santos City

The tuna fishing business had never been this thriving and prosperous since its conception from the past years to the present. The new technology, strategic location and the needed facilities for fishing had been the factor why General Santos City’s tuna industry is flourishing and for this the city is now is ‘Boom Town City of the South’. In order to make this industry progressive they need to attract local and international investors. The city’s official website (http://www.gensantos.gov.ph/) gives an overview for tourists, visitors or business financiers of what General Santos City is all about. It is loaded with a lot of information and related facts suitable for possible tourists and commercial entrepreneurs. After browsing through the official website, one can never get enough of just a glimpse of the place. An individual needs to be at General Santos City to enjoy its wonders.

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