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Makati Shopping

Makati Shopping


Shoppers alike and those who enjoy window shopping will truly love the city of Makati. Aside from the spacious malls that has stores that sells just about anything one is looking for, Makati shopping is an experience all on its own. From designer items to bargain goods at flea markets, everyone will go home with at least one item.

The Power Plant Mall

Let’s start off with the first class malls that offer designer products and the first thing that comes to mind is the Power Plant Mall. The Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati is a high end shopping mall that has branded goods for sale from clothing to bags and shoes and even children’s toys. Kenneth Cole, Bali, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton are among the big names inside this mall. What makes these branded items a good buy is that contrary to what everyone else says that one is just paying for the brand, these goods are of high quality, the stores provide a warranty for their items and of course, if given as a gift, one knows it’ll make the receiver extremely happy. Makati shopping at Power Plant Mall is for those who are big spenders and are after the brands.


Makati Shopping at the Glorietta mall is a little bit different. With the opening of Glorietta 5, there are now more options for the shoppers and there are also several restaurants to choose from. Glorietta caters to the middle class and since a private all-girls college is nearby, don’t be surprised to see students in uniforms walking around in between classes. Glorietta has the big brands as well similar to the Power Plant Mall such as Tag Heuer, Hugo Boss and others but in the Glorietta area is where one will find affordable items in malls nearby like Landmark and Shoemart. Yes, Shoemart, the people’s mall where one will find just about anything at a much lower price. For those who like to keep things on the high end when thinking about Makati Shopping, there’s always the newly opened Glorietta 5 which is a bigger and better version of the Power Plant Mall.


Makati is truly a shopping haven because across the street from expansive Glorietta is Greenbelt. Makati Shopping takes a different approach with the Greenbelt mall because it attempts to go beyond the confines of the four walls of a mall and allow the shopper to enjoy nature while getting around. Similar to the Power Plant Mall in that it has stores that has branded goods, it is also different. Surrounded by lush gardens, palms trees and ponds, after a full day of Makati Shopping it is a great idea to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery.

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