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Beware on a Stormy Day Travel

Beware on a Stormy Day Travel

The Philippines has lots of scenic spots worth travelling to and seeing, and Metro Manila can show off urban tourist travel destinations like no other city in the world can. However, it isn’t all sunny days in the Philippines. Stormy weather may spoil a long planned trip—or even just going to work. But it doesn’t have to end this way. Some wise traveling tips can push a travel plan to fulfillment, come rain or shine.

First, always check the weather forecast on TV or in the radio. It’s one of the most important traveling tips. When it’s particularly rainy, the weather bureau often comes out with early advices. So does the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in charge of traffic situations. Make sure to bring the following aside from the usual raincoats and umbrellas: if you have a car, bring a pair of boots, if not wear them along. Travel with a penlight, an extra shirt and pair of pants, extra cash, a transistor radio with ear plugs, mobile phone (loaded and charged), two or three paracetamol pills, and a bottle of purified water. If one’s just off for work, the pair of boots and extra shirts will do.

Other safe traveling tips: If it’s a down pour make sure to get on a bus. Buses have better chances in flooded situations and less wet inside, especially air conditioned ones. Before taking a cab, make sure the fare meter is on or “working.” Some cab drivers pretend their meters are busted and insist on a contracted ride. This is illegal. If in case one’s in the middle of it all before discovering a “busted” meter (which is the usual scenario drivers come up with), a fair traveling tip for cab contract can rate at P75 per 4 to 5 kilometers. So if the travel is 20 kilometers, it’s safe to pay P300 to P375, or even P400 if there’s heavy traffic. When one’s obviously a foreigner, it’s best to have a local talking to cab drivers.

If it’s too windy, an important traveling tip is watch out for flying or falling debris, like roof sheets, metal pieces, or tree branches. In this case, it’s best to stall the travel and just enjoy malls or have sessions at a bowling lane. Or eat out, in a restaurant, that is.

With safety traveling tips a long-planned or long-awaited travel need not be spoiled. It just takes preparation and a little adjustment.

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