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Samar Sightseeing Guide

Samar Sightseeing Guide

This Samar sightseeing guide will walk you through its rugged but beautiful countryside. You’ll find many interesting caves, centuries old architecture, and an interesting tour of the flourishing rainforest. Samar is one of the places in the Philippines that portrays a different form of tropical splendor.

The first part of our Samar sightseeing guide will be about the many caves that visitors may explore. The most famous among such caves is the Calbiga Cave. It has some of the largest karst formations in the Philippines and is home to a number of unique bats, eyeless shellfishes, and cave crickets. Other caves in Samar include Guinogo-an Cave, Danao Cave, Guimit Cave, Tinago-an Cave, Bolongto Cave, and Calbiga Cave.

Another natural attraction in the province is the abundance of waterfalls, which is the next part of our Samar sightseeing guide. After some cave exploring you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery in the area of the many waterfalls that you’ll find here. Calbayog City alone has its own family of waterfalls that include the majestic Bangon-Bugtong Falls where people usually take a dip and dive. Other waterfalls, some of which have become picnic sites, include Tabokno, Pan-as, Blanca Aurora, Lologayan, and Nasarang.

In the next part of our Samar sightseeing guide, we’ll explore some of the historical sights in the area. Those who would like to get a bird’s eye view of the province’s history may do so in Samar’s Archeological Museum. You’ll find a lot of artifacts that depict how life was for the province’s early inhabitants, some of which date back to the 14th century.

A lot of centuries old architecture in the Philippines still remains today. For instance, Basey Church in Tacloban has been around since the 17th century. The ruins of Saint Francis Church can be found in Tarangan. And you also have the restored Calbayog Cathedral, which still shows touches of Spanish architecture.

The last leg of our Samar sightseeing guide would cover the beaches. The beaches here may not be that popular in the Philippines as the ones you’ll find in places like Boracay but they are none less scenic. Malajog Beach, which is only 40 minutes from Calbayog City, is a popular destination among the locals. If you’re looking for a place that is a bit closer then check out Naga Beach and have a picnic. Bagacay Beach along the Maharlika Highway is a beautiful strip of white sand that offers scenic views.

A Samar sightseeing guide will conduct you through the historic and natural attractions in this province. The attractions here may not be the most popular ones in the Philippines, yet they have the capacity to soothe the soul. The lush rainforest is a rare find not only in the region but in the entire Philippines as well. Nature and history lovers will enjoy the many sights here in Samar.

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