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Helpful Cebuano Phrases and Words for Tourists

Helpful Cebuano Phrases and Words for Tourists

The Province of Cebu is located in the middle of Visayas. The island is a little more than 200 km. long and it is surrounded by the province of Negros, Bohol and Leyte.

Cebu is famous for its white sand beaches, mouth watering delicacies, rich history and many other things that make the province unique and unforgettable. That is the reason that all year round many tourists both local and foreign come to visit and have the so called “Cebu experience” which is not only a cultural trip but also enjoying the beaches, island hoping, gastronomic feasts, appreciating the history and learning some Cebuano phrases and words too.

Cebu is known today to be the “Queen City of the South“ because being a top tourist destination, it is also considered as the fastest growing metropolis that is outside Metro Manila. It is known also as a commercial hub where the second largest international airport in the Philippines is located. Cebu is also a cosmopolitan area for business and industry.

There are many reasons to visit Cebu whether for pleasure or business, an adequate knowledge of the Cebuano phrases and words will come very handy.

The Cebuano dialect is considered as the second most widely spoken dialect in the Philippines after the national language “Filipino”. Although most Cebuanos (locals of Cebu) can speak English but still learning some Cebuano phrases and words will be a great help.

The following are some Cebuano phrases and words for tourists:


Good morning   maayong buntag
Good day   maayong udto
Good afternoon  maayong hapon
I’m coming from Mactan gikan ko sa Mactan
I’m going to Talisay  muadto ko sa Talisay
Thank you very much  daghang salamat
You’re welcome  walay sapayan
Yes/no    oo/ dili
It’s all right    maayo ang tanan

Common Questions:

Do you have?   Adunay…?
How?    Unsaon?
How much?   Tagpila?
How far is it?   Unsa kalayo?
What?    Unsa?
What did you say?  Unsa to?
Where?   Asa?
Who?(singular)  kinsa?
Who? ( plural)   kinsa-kinsa?
Why?    Nganong?

Hotel accommodation:

Bath    banyo
Bed    katre
Cover    habol
Key    yawi
Room    kuwarto
Pillow    unlan
Do you have air-con?  nabay air-con?
There is no water  wala tubig
How much is the room? Pila ang usa ka kuwarto?
I’ll take the room  Sige kuhaon ko ang kining kuwarto.

Food related phrases:

I am hungry   gigutom na ako
I am thirsty   guihaw ko.
I am full    busog na ako
I have no appetite  wala koy gana
That was a good meal  kalami sa pagkaon
The bill please   ang bayronon palihog

Getting Around:

Which bus for Cebu?  Unsang bus ang maodtong Cebu?
Where is the bus stop? Asa man ang hulatan ug bus?
Where do I catch a jeepney? Asa ko musakay ug jeepney?
Where does this bus go? Asa man moadto kining bus?
Where do I get off?  Asa ko manaog?
How much is the fare? Tagpila ang plete?


All     tanan
Big    dako
Broken    guba
Cheap    barato
Expensive   mahal
Money    kuwarta
What is this?   Unsa ni?
How much is this?  Tagpila na?
How much is one kilo? tagpila ang usa ka kilo?
I’d like to pay   mobayad na ako.
Cebuano phrases and words are easy to understand and learn, all you have to do is to love and appreciate speaking in a foreign tongue. Learning at least some Cebuano phrases and words are essential for you to get by and gain the trust of the Cebuanos.

Whether it is your first time to visit Cebu, the Cebuano phrases and words you know will be at a great advantage in getting accommodation, getting around the town, dining in the local restaurants and above all shopping or just by simply meeting new people.

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