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Angeles City Festivals and Events

Angeles City Festivals and Events


Angeles City or the City of Angels has more than just warmth and hospitality to offer visitors. Aside from the interesting tourist sites that one can visit, Angeles City has one-of-a-kind festivals that visitors look forward to and enjoy.

Sisig Festival

The people of Pampanga have always been known to be able to turn an ordinary meal into a sumptuous one and an Angeles City festival depicts this clearly. The Sisig Festival, a dish that originated from Pampanga, is a tribute to the food that because of how wonderful it tastes, has spread all over the Philippines and in several parts of the world. The Sisig Festival showcases the many different ways to cook Sisig, a Filipino pork dish and its many variants. Truth be told, during the Sisig Festival, it’s not only pork that plays an important role in the event. Pork is now substituted with fish, chicken or squid and now the term ‘sisig’ really pertains to how the dish is cooked. During this Angeles City festival, one can learn the different ways to prepare sisig and the many other means of serving it. During the Sisig Festival, the dish is usually served on a sizzling plate to make the pork crispy. The best part of the Angeles City festival is the taste test at the end of it. The participants of the Sisig Festival range from stay at home moms to large restaurants aspiring to get the title of Best Sisig.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

One will not find another destination in the Philippines that has a Hot Air Balloon Festival. This Angeles City festival is an event that even other countries participate in and each year that it is held, the balloons are bigger and better than that of the previous year. Last year, a total of 19 balloons, 13 of which represented other nations were flown during the Hot Air Balloon Festival. The popularity of this Angeles City festival lies in how well this event is organized and because of the activities that one can do during this event. One can ride a hot air balloon during the Hot Air Balloon Festival for a nominal fee and experience what it’s like to be in one and get a bird’s eye view of Angeles City. Although this Angeles City festival is fairly new, it has a done a great deal in promoting tourism in the City of Angels. In addition to the balloons that are flown during the Hot Air Balloon Festival, there are also aircraft demonstrations and other exhibits that are very enjoyable to watch. The Hot Air Balloon Festival is truly an event for the entire family.

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