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Meet the Filipinos

Meet the Filipinos


It’s the most common word that can be heard whenever a foreigner or a group of foreigners make their first steps in the Philippines. People from other countries are so delighted every time they will hear that, even though they do not know exactly the literal meaning of the word. But such a lively welcome will make them so at ease and pleased to stay in the country.

But the fun doesn’t end with the word “Mabuhay”. In fact that’s just the beginning!

Foreign guests are always given a class “A” treatment by the Filipinos: starting from the people in the hotels that they have rendered for temporary shelter; and even from the people they will meet in the streets, rich or poor, young or old. Filipinos are never ashamed to give their warmest and best smiles to foreigners, and even their “English Carabaos” (screwed up English grammar) just to be able to communicate with foreigners. From there, a conversation would start, primarily asking each other about their culture and experiences.

Many foreigners are somehow contented seeing and hearing things like that. At least they will see something that they don’t see everyday in their own home countries. But hey, there’s something more in store for them!

Foreigners can always have a taste of the Filipino culture, they just have to ask and not be too shy to ask or try it. In fact, Filipinos would love to include foreign people and have a taste together of Filipino culture: the food to eat, and the use of hands while eating; fiestas (festivals); joyful conversations. Everything! They will never feel like they don’t belong as a part of the group with Filipinos.

A punch line might best describe it… Hospitality like they never experienced before.

Tourists like to see different kinds of people, that’s why they went away and made a visit to a place like the Philippines in the first place, right? Many visitors love to see different kinds of people, or races, or nationalities; and there is a lot of that in these 7000 plus islands. This is a primary reason why Filipinos are extremely hospitable to foreigners. A class “A” treatment, like mentioned earlier, is always given to foreigners, guaranteed.

That’s why foreigners would always love to come back to the Philippines; mostly, because of the people. They experienced so much hospitality in their visit, and they would love to experience it again. They would be so glad to travel back to the Philippines and travel, as well, with the Filipinos.

So, have been in the Philippines lately?

If you’re planning, let us be the one to say this to you first…


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