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How to Enjoy Philippine Restaurants More

How to Enjoy Philippine Restaurants More

Stiff competition among Philipiine restaurants is healthy. It gives us more options on places, styles, and offered features or amenities. If stiff competition comes to sharp rivalry the more options we have as customers and the more we can get out of restaurants as customers.

Check out a good restaurant and regularly dine there. Philippine business culture values patrons or “suki” so much. “Suki” are people often seen patronizing a business, in this case, a restaurant. They are precious to the proprietor and operators. They’re given special treatment, and sometimes, special offers or discounts even. So the thing is to make sure one’s presence is always acknowledged. In short, make sure to “make a scene,” a pleasant one, each visit to a chosen Philippine restaurant.

Recognition should take place after 3 to 4 visits. Restaurant employees and staffs take notice and try to remember a regular customer by face. It’s up to the customer to introduce oneself casually by name. Talk to the waiters serving, throw in a pleasant joke or two (waiters always patronize customer’s jokes), and give positive compliments now and then.

Soon, the restaurant manager is informed about the new “friendly” customer and a casual “chance” meeting may be extended by him. Now the “enjoying the restaurant more” comes in. Many Philippine restaurants offer freebies to customers. The freebies can often be increased when it’s a friendly patron making the request. Table reservation is much easier and one can be assured that it will be one of the best tables with the best scenery around—or most adjacent one to the buffet counter.

Parking space is also not a problem. Mr. Friendly Patron can always ask favors from the guard for a suitable parking space or keep an eye at the car while dining is in progress. Parking favors may even be had even if a patron isn’t dining. There are Philippine restaurants that give surprises to patrons by way of free cakes or delicacies, or a free course on the house. Some restaurants keep record of patrons’ birthdays and other special days. A patron can even strike special deals from a restaurant regarding discounts on business activities, like seminars or conferences—or even a sponsorship.

It pays to patronize a Philippine restaurant. Give the right tips and compliments and rewards are bound to be reaped afterwards. And on becoming a recognized patron, one is bound to discover the many ways on how to enjoy the Philippine restaurant more.

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