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Legazpi Beach Guide

Legazpi Beach Guide

Whenever we talk about spending time at the beach in the Philippines, one place comes to mind and that’s Boracay. The good news is, Boracay is not the only place that one can go to for a day or two at the beach. In fact, there are less costly alternatives to Boracay and these beaches are found in Legazpi, Philippines.

First up in our Legazpi Beach Guide are the black sand beaches. We have Mayon Volcano to thank for, for these beautiful beaches because the black sand is caused by erosions of volcanic rock from the volcano combined with lava. Black beaches are rare aside from being spectacular and the other famous black sand beach can be found in Hawaii.

Another stop in our beach hunt in this Legazpi Beach Guide is Santo Domingo which is a 6 mile away place from Legazpi where one can enjoy the scenic Albay Gulf and several beaches. The view in these beaches in Santo Domingo is spectacular at night especially with a full moon and a clear, cloudless sky dotted with stars. From the shore, one can see the glimmer of city lights which is a perfect match to the moon and stars. Santo Domingo also has several resorts fronting the beach side.

Then of course there’s the Boracay Beach found in Legazpi and is included in this Legazpi Beach Guide. Boracay Beach in the Philippines is found in two spots and the one that is being discussed here is half an hour away from Legazpi. The black sand in this part of the Philippines is mingled with volcanic rock and there are several resorts where one can stay to maximize one’s experience.

We will also include in this Legazpi Beach Guide the beaches that are found in Tiwi, which is a good 40 kilometers away from the city of Legazpi. The best place to go swimming in the Philippines is near the Joroan Shore because one not only gets to enjoy the great view of Lagonoy Gulf but there are also several small islands that can be visited near Camarines Sur.

Since we’re talking about Boracay town in Legazpi in this Legazpi Beach Guide, let’s move on to Sogoy Beach which is also in the same area. Sogod Beach Philippines enjoys the most number of visitors especially during summer because of the presence of palm trees among ebony sand that provide shade during the intense summer heat. Indeed the Legazpi Beach Guide would be incomplete without this.

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