Milkfish in Black Beans and Spiced Tofu

Here’s a super healthy and super yummy Philippine native recipe. This native dish’s loaded with protein, omega 3 and calcium. It’s a mighty combination of the tasty features of fresh water fish and the subtle zesty goodness of Chinese black beans and spiced tofu.

For a kilo of milkfish here’s the list of ingredients for this native recipe: a small plastic pack of Chinese black beans or “tawsi,” a small pack of spiced tofu or “tawre,” 4 pieces sliced tomatoes, 2 pieces sliced onions, 5 pieces minced garlic, non cholesterol cooking oil, a cup of water, and salt to taste. With this list ready, we’re ready to cook this very tasty native dish.

After washing and cleaning the fish, slice them in 3 pieces. Fry them in cooking oil in a pan till brown. To avoid fish from sticking on the pan, make sure the pan and the oil are heated enough before putting in the fish. Another technique of this native recipe is to rub flour on the fish pieces before putting them in the hot cooking oil. When brown, put away in a plate. Don’t over fry the fish of this native dish. Fry just enough to keep the fish’s juiciness intact.

Sauté the garlic pieces, onions, and tomatoes in a new batch of cooking oil in a different pan. Keep steering till the tomatoes are melted. Put in the fish pieces and sauté for some 2 minutes. Put in the black beans and spiced tofu and sauté for a minute. Pour in water and cover pan. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes, or until boiling. Put out fire and serve. This native serves 5 to 6 people.

A word of caution: make sure the milkfish of this native dish is thoroughly cleaned. Avoid getting the fish gull ruptured. This embitters the fish and spoils the whole native recipe. Also, make sure the gills of the milkfish are taken out. Some versions of this native recipe still have the gills in the fish. This results to a rancid taste in the native dish.

This native recipe is simple and easy enough to cook. The key here is in the food preparation, especially on the handling and cleaning of the milkfish.

Philippine native recipe for milkfish with black beans and spiced tofu is a healthy native dish that will surely stimulate the taste buds and rouse the appetite for more servings.

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  1. LITHIUM478

    I had been searching about the cholesterol content of milkfish and stumbled at this site (milkfish in black beans and tofu is what I had for lunch today – I took the head and belly part).

    Wherein I want to quote your article as saying (emphasis mine bold):
    [QUOTE]This native dish’s loaded with protein, omega 3 [b]good cholesterol[/b], and calcium. It’s a mighty combination of the tasty features of fresh water fish and the subtle zesty goodness of Chinese black beans and spiced tofu.[/QUOTE]

    Meantime, when I checked other websites on the matter (cholesterol content of milkfish), all sites are saying milkfish is high in cholesterol. Please explain how you declared that it is loaded in GOOD cholesterol. Thanks.

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