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Smart Bro: Broadband That Reaches Out to Everyone

Smart Bro: Broadband That Reaches Out to Everyone

“There’s no Internet connection in my area”, or “There will never be one since I live in the remotest piece of real estate in the Philippines”. Those are the typical complaints of Filipinos who are pessimistic about their situation, as regards to having Internet connection at their residence.

Include the all too common “I can’t afford the rates that this company offers to it’s subscribers or would be subscribers.” and the situation worsens as more and more individuals feel a sense of hopelessness creeping in on them. What to do then you may ask.

Smart Bro has all the answers you need to your Internet problems. Smart Bro is Smart Corporation’s wireless Internet provider. This wonderful innovation offers broadband connection for all Filipinos, no matter where they live in. Phone line connections are not required which means Internet connectivity for everyone. It comes in several subscription packages that are sure to entice Internet users accustomed to slow and unreliable dial up connections.

Residential subscribers can avail of Plan 999, with speeds of up to 384 kbps. That is 7 times faster than dial up! Installation is easy. A Smart Bro antennae is set up at your home, which is then designated to the nearest Smart cell site. Once the antenna is connected by cable to your PC, you’re ready to begin using the Smart Bro service.

Another subscription package is the Smart Bro Computer Station. For the very low cost of P1999/ month for 24 months or P2,600/month for 12 months, the subscriber will get the standard Smart Bro Internet connection along with a free PC. Also included in this package is a 1 year warranty period, broadband tech support, free installation of Smart Bro and PC tech support care of the PC supplier.

Applying for subscription is done through an online application form, Smart Wireless Centers, PLDT business offices, Bilis Kabit Operations establishments, or any authorized Smart Sales Agent. This set up ensures Smart Bro customers have a convenient and easy way of applying for the service.

The good news doesn’t end there. Smart is dedicated to giving it’s customers amazing deals that further adds to an already stacked list of features for Smart Bro and it’s subscribers.

Smart Bro QuickFix 2.0 is software that lets users perform diagnostic tests themselves and fix Internet connection problems without having to go through the hotline for assistance. This useful feature is provided free.

Smart Bro Wifly gives unlimited Wi-Fi access in any Airborne Access hotspot in the Philippines. Plan 999 subscribers can avail of this exclusive service for only P199. The list goes on and on. Smart Bro truly is the broadband for everyone.


  1. alan

    i’m a smartbro subscriber since July 2007, I’d like to comment something on the payment bills. I tried to pay my bills for the month of March 2008, but i can’t remember my account number ‘coz i misplaced my previous payment receipts. It happened also that my lastname mispelled in the record (can’t remember mispelled lname). As result, the cashier could’nt view my account. I was expecting from the query even if the cashier enters first 4 letters of the customer lastname like “HERM” it would query/view those lastname/s started with it. But suddenly, the existing program requires exact name.

    I hope smart can include this program feature very soon for our convenience so that when we pay our monthly bills, we’re no longer required to bring our previous receipts for payments.

    Can you email me my account information? NAME: Alan Decio Hermenegildo

  2. Maria Rica Salario


    I just want to ask why my internet connection is so slow. For 100.0 Mbps must be the same as the internet connection when i was in China 100.0 Mbps but here is so slow? Why is that?

    Please reply me at my email.
    Thank you.

  3. I’m so sorry but I’ve been a subscriber for a year, I’m totally dissatisfied with the service. Technical support (*1888) isn’t helping at all: 30 mins to an hour of call waiting. Smartbro’s connection is intermittent with a very slow speed. I don’t want to recommend SmartBro as the broadbrand for everyone.

  4. Leny Dizon

    Dear Wireless center,

    I already advice your CCD to cut my smart broadband since I’m not using it last January 12. I already tested wireless on the CP#09192701342 given by your CCD but I haven’t received any reply. Please cut if effective January 12 and advice me how much I need to pay. You can text me at 09205949778. Thanks.

  5. marie

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Good day.

    Sir/Madam i just want to have a clarification. I’m out of the country at this time i have plans to subscribe the smart brodband.

    Do i need to have my own modem or the smart company will provide for it?

    I will use my own laptop how can it work/s?

    I’m residing in Lagao San Isidro, General Santos City is our place is good for the brodband?

    Plan 999 meaning that i have to pay P= 999.00 a month for my connection?

    Thank you and hoping that i can have all the answers soon.

    yours truly,


  6. Vanessa Grace Pallon

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Magandang araw po sa inyo.
    Sir/maam i just want to subscribes any smart broadband because i have my personal laptop,but the problem is how could i connect to your smart bro since we dont have smart cell site in our place,how could it be? our place :Bulawan Payao Zamboanga sibugay,if you have anything to recommend for having internet connection please send any info at my email address.
    hope to hear from you.
    have a nice day!


  7. Olympia

    I just want to know if SmartBro is available in Leyte, I’d like to connect my relatives in Brgy. Binongtoan, Tanauan, Leyte to an internet provider, the area is a remote part of Leyte, Is your service available in that area? If it is, what is the cost to get the service connected? I’m interested on the Plan 999. Thanks

  8. nelia


    I just want to ask why my internet connection is so slow. My smart bro number is 09299911035. Hope to hear from you soon. Please reply me at my e-mail. Thank you.


  9. rommel

    my wife live in tuod isio negros occidental and there is no land line for internet or even cell signal would smartbro broadband still work there for us to stay connected?

  10. Ezekiel

    Where to avail this smart bro wireless connection im interested but i dont know where to buy this..kindly give me some idea where to buy.. I live in remote areas in mindanao..

  11. Zo

    Is there an issue with the smart pocket wifi??? i can’t connect since last night. I am withitn Fort Bonifacio Taguig? Where is the nearest wireless center I can have this check?

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