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Transportation in Metro Manila

Transportation in Metro Manila

Metro Manila, like any developed metropolis, has many different kinds of transportations. You can go from one place to another with ease. There are such varieties of transportation from the casual ones to the indigenous ones.

If it is your first time in Metro Manila it will not be difficult to get around. You can ride a cab and tell the driver where you want to go (generally they know all the routes) just make sure you check the meter once in a while ‘coz there are some bad guys who’s always on guard for chances of taking advantage. By the way, the plug down rate in a cab is Php30.00 and Php2.50 per additional km (FYI). And, If you want to escape traffic jam, there are trains connecting one city to another with a relatively low fare rate. matrix of fares are available at the stations. If you’re looking for comfort and security these transportation means are available. Or, if you want to feel like a Very-Impiortant-Person (VIP) there is a long list of rent-a-car service.

As soon as you get used to Manila, must try ride is the jeepney; an innovative, one of a kind means of transportation in the Philippines. They have certain routes and you’ll know their route by their sign board on front of the windshield. The minimum fare is Php7.00 per 7 km. and they usually have this fare matrix displayed inside the vehicle for reference.

For the adventurous people out there, we have what is called “calesa” which is a horse drawn cart that will bring you from one point to the other. You can usually find a calesa in Intramuros and Divisoria and along the busy streets of Manila. The usual minimum fare in a calesa is Php10.00 per person. You can bring three of your friends to come along. This transportation is usually ridden for strolling of tourists and for loading heavy shopping bags from the market place for the locals.

We also have the tri-bike or as affectionately known in the Philippines a “trike”. This is a motorbike with passenger side car. Usually it is used for transportation inside subdivisions or places with buildings with near proximity. Two to three people can be accommodated on the trike and the usual fare is Php7.00 to Php10.00 each. You can access nearby places with this transportation means without walking!

Well they say that walking is good for the health, no doubt about that but in case you get tired of it, the above listed means of transportation is a good guide for you. So now you know, enjoy the ride and explore the city. Ciao and good luck!

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