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Manila Restaurants

Manila Restaurants

A trip to Manila is made even more interesting by the extensive array of food available in very corner. No matter what kind of food you are into, what kind of cuisine your tongue is most comfortable with, and what kind of dining ambience you seek, there will surely be one Manila restaurant that will suit your need.

Manila restaurants are varied according to the palate of just about every kind of individual, tourist or local. They are intended to satisfy the craving of diners, no matter how challenging that could be. What’s more, the price range at Manila restaurants can come from affordable to pricey and everything else in between.

In this comprehensive directory, you get a nice sneak peek on Manila restaurants and the mouth-watering quality they adhere to.

The Aristocrat – If you are thinking about Manila restaurants, The Aristocrat should instantly come to mind. Why, it speaks of a long line of history in the food industry. It offers the best of Filipino food at the most native atmosphere, and for a price you won’t regret paying. Sinigang and Crispy Pata are must-tries. [www.aristocrat.com.ph; San Andres St. cor. Roxas Blvd., Malate, Manila; (632) 524 7671]

Harbor View –
Want to eat something fresh from the water? There’s no better place to go. Harbor View offers seafood at its freshest. [www.harborview-manila.com; South Boulevard, Rizal Park, Manila; (632) 524 1532, (632) 523 2019]

Cowrie Grill – If there is one formidable choice for steak lovers among Manila restaurants, this is it! It has been serving diners for almost three decades. And it never failed anyone who craves for luscious, succulent steaks, European-style! [One Rizal Park, Roxas Blvd., Manila; (632) 527 0011]

Cafe Adriatico – A cozy ambience is always a nice advantage. Among Manila restaurants, there is one that is applauded for its romantic atmosphere more than its delectable food fare – Café Adriatico. But wait, that does not mean to say that food here sucks. It’s just that, you’ll be breathtaken to say anything more while you are eating classic Filipino and continental dishes. [Adriatico St., Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila; (632) 523 7924]

Oven 349 – If you love baked treats, this is one Manila restaurant you should dig. It serves hot-off-the-oven pastries and goodies with a fresh brew of coffee. What a perfect match! [www.oven349.co.nr; oven349@gmail.com; 1360 San Gregorio St., Paco, Manila; (632) 563 0349]

Jollibee – This is the best place to be if you seek both the convenience of fast food and the authentic Filipino taste in most foreign food fares like burgers and spaghettis and hotdogs. And oh, it’s all around the place! [http://www.jollibee.com.ph]

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