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Boracay Travel Guide

Boracay Travel Guide

A very famous and attractive island in the Philippines, Boracay is known for its pristine beaches and majestic dive sites. Since many Filipino travelers and foreigners visit the place throughout the year, it features hotels, lodges, and inns that offer well-maintained facilities as well as affordable accommodations. In terms of dining, the island also plays home to numerous restaurants or fast foods that serve sumptuous meals. Furthermore, the place also features exciting activities that travelers can do to make their vacation in Boracay, Philippines, worthwhile. Hence, to make sure that they can have a memorable stay at the place, it is best that people search for Boracay travel guides.


One of the special features of Boracay travel guides that tourists and vacationers usually look at is accommodation. Using the guides, tourists can have ideas about the hospitality service providers in the place that offer comfortable and convenient stay to everyone. The accommodation section of travel guides feature the star-rating, facilities, and accommodation rates in several Boracay hotels, including Boracay Regency Hotel, Microtel Inns and Suites, as well as 357 Boracay. In this way, travelers in the Philippines can make good decisions regarding hotels that have rates, which will fit or suit their budgets.


When it comes to dining, tourists can always rely on Boracay travel guides since these feature the different restaurants in the island. Some travel guides include the menus and price range of meals at the dining places in Boracay, Philippines. Meanwhile, others feature the ambiance as well as type of cuisine that restaurants serve. Additionally, Boracay travel guides offer an overview of numerous dining places that tourists can visit in the area, which include Baracuda Snack Bar, Bamboo Lounge, and Jammer’s Fastfood.


Another important feature of Boracay travel guides are the beaches that can be visited in this Philippine island, as well as the activities that tourists can do in the beaches. The most famous beach in Boracay, Philippines, that is commonly featured in travel guides is White Beach. Meanwhile, for those who prefer to stay in a place that has quiet and serene environment, they can look at accommodations at Yapak Beach, which is also known as Puka Shell Beach. Another beach in Boracay, Philippines that is commonly featured in Boracay travel guides is Manoc Manoc Beach, which is near to Caticlan, as well as a village that is believed to plays home to the descendants of early people who discover and reside in the island.

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