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Dumaguete Restaurants

Dumaguete Restaurants

The palate of visitors will duly be stimulated in Dumaguete restaurants. Enter the local eateries and high end restaurants and discover the versatile tastes and foods in this city. Dumaguete restaurants have plenty of different things to offer and we take you to the most memorable places.

The first place we are going to take you is one of the Dumaguete restaurants that is probably the most affordable and the most special. We are talking about Gina’s Kabayo-an. This place is more of an eatery where you can get freshly cooked or steamed fish, meat, pork and soup. You can choose from several of desserts and other delicious Filipino dishes. Once a week you can find a special kind of meat in this place. Kabayo stands for horse in the local vernacular and thus Gina’s Kabayo-an serves horse meat once a week. Be sure to be posted on the exact day, because the day changes depending on the demand.

Dumaguete restaurants would not have had a breakthrough in foreign cuisine if it wasn’t for the restaurant and disco bar Music Box Why Not. This place has a deli shop where you can buy the finest European dishes, cold cuts, canned foods and sweets. The restaurant serves everything from European cuisine to Filipino and Asian dishes.

Since Why Not is the fore runner in the European cuisine within the Dumaguete restaurants, the followers were never truly able to compete until Casablanca was opened. Casablanca is one of the priciest restaurants in the city, but the food is just breath-taking. You will be served with Japanese, European, Filipino and American dishes all served in a huge platter to satisfy your hunger. Casablanca also has a deli shop with great cheeses, cold cuts and freshly baked bread.

One of the most original of Dumaguete restaurants is called Gabby’s Bistro. This place takes you back in time to the 50s where you are served by pretty ladies in little costumes. Everything you can order here has been personally created by the owner and Chef Gabby del Prado. The shakes are unique and taste that way too. The deserts and breakfast meals are absolutely delicious and you definitely get your money’s worth.

The last place in the list of Dumaguete restaurants is Boston Market. This restaurant is small but charming. You can get great salads and unique dressings with them. They also specialize in cooking with flowers. You can get great pizzas and meals such as Chicken Cordon Bleu. The meals are affordable and mouth watering.

This has been the guide through all the Dumaguete restaurants that serve delicious food for a great value. Be sure to visit at least one of those places in the future.

The best Dumaguete restaurants have many different things to offer. Experience the taste of horse meat at Gine’s Kabayo-an or taste the European flair in this city at Casablanca or Why Not. If you want to indulge in something sweet then head over to Gabby’s Bistro or get great salads at Boston Market.

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