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Boracay Hotel Guide

Boracay Hotel Guide

We are taking a look at all the possible hotels around the Philippines today and we will shift our attention to a paradise island that is visited by tourists and locals throughout the year. The island that we are talking about is the famous party island Boracay and with the help of our Boracay Hotel Guide, we will find the best hotels there are on this island.

Let us start the Boracay Hotel Guide with one of the best places that you can find in this Aklan island, Philippines and the name of the hotel is Dave’s Straw Hat Inn. You won’t believe how much value you get for the cheap price of $35 per night. This Inn is taking you away from the loud nightlife scene into a paradise garden. Their amenities are clean and the staff offers a superb service. The next place on our Boracay Hotel Guide is going to be the Boracay Hills Hotel. This place is the perfect resort with only ten rooms, but with all the facilities you can think of; fitness center, spa, swimming pool, movie theatre, restaurant, and a bar. With an average of $135 a night, this hotel is not a bad place to stay in the Philippines.

The next place on our Boracay Hotel Guide in the Philippines is a very private place to stay called Artista Beach Villas. This hotel only has 9 rooms designed in a Mediterranean style with all the comforts one needs. You even have wireless broadband internet in your room aside from the mini-bar and the cable TV. Discover Shores is yet another hotel where you can stay in and this super resort is pretty costly. For $350 a night, you get the royalty treatment at this resort. The rooms are luxury and every room has an LCD TV which makes you feel like a king or queen.

The Boracay Regency is another option in the Boracay Hotel Guide in the Philippines. It has a total of 150 rooms and the average room price per night ranges around $220. The Regency has probably the widest food variety in the entire island and your hunger will always be satisfied at this hotel. The rooms are spacious and the beds are simply heaven within the Philippines. The last place in the Boracay Hotel Guide is the One Crescent Place. This place is fairly small but affordable with an average of $85 per night. The rooms are simple, but you cannot really complain with that kind of a deal.

There are far more hotels and resorts to visit that range from five star hotels to cheap inns. Make a wise decision and spend a little more on a hotel with enough security on Boracay so that you can enjoy your holiday in the paradise island of the Philippines without worries and fear.

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