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Scenic Philippines

Scenic Philippines

The Philippines is rich in scenic spots that attract people from all over the globe. These scenic spots bear an outstanding physical beauty unique to the Philippines.

There are many beautiful places in Luzon. Famous all over the world are the Rice Terraces of the Ifugaos located in Benguet Province. These terraces were built 4000 years ago. Baguio City is another scenic place. It has been called the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cool climate and beautiful scenery which attract lowlanders to spend their summer vacation there.

Many local and foreign tourists enjoy the beautiful beaches of La Union, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte and Pangasinan and many go island hopping in the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan.

Cagayan Valley attracts mountain lovers because of the beauty and mystery of its mountains, some of which are covered by pine trees. Salinas Salt Springs brings another place of interest. A mountain of salt has been formed as a result of the continuous outpouring of salt from the springs. Yet another place to explore are the Callao Caves in Peñablanca, Cagayan.

Bataan and Zambales in Central Luzon are well-known for their beautiful beach resorts and white sand beaches.

Batangas and Cavite have many beautiful beach resorts for local and foreign tourists. The more popular beaches in Batangas are in Matabungkay, Nasugbu, Lemery, and in Calatagan. In Cavite the most popular is in Ternate.

The hot springs in Laguna have been converted into health resorts designed especially for people who have arthritis problems. Laguna has many waterfalls and most well-known of these is the Pagsanjan Falls. A lake on the top of a mountain is found in Caliraya, Laguna, Taal Volcano and Mount Makiling are important landmarks in Batangas and Laguna respectively.

Mayon Volcano known all over the globe for its perfect cone is found in Legaspi, Albay. With its beautiful beaches, and the well-known Cagsawa Ruins, Legaspi is now a haven for both foreign and local tourists. Other known scenic spots are Tiwi Hot Springs, Bulusan Lake in Sorsogon and Lake Buhi in Camarines Sur.

A wonder of nature which is found in Central Visayas is the group of hills known as the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. The rock structure in Bohol is composed of limestone and corals and erosion has given rise to its unique landscape.

The Philippines is blessed when it comes to natural beauty that is why many tourists enjoy their vacation stay here but of course it is not just the place that keeps them coming back here. It is also the world famous hospitality.

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