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Choosing Expat Health Insurance

Choosing Expat Health Insurance

As a foreigner in the country, you have to be prepared physically, mentally, financially and emotionally for the challenges and adventures that you will have. Part of the preparation that you will need to include on your list is to get an expat health insurance. Having an expat health insurance will give you the peace of mind that you will have immediate and appropriate health services in case something unexpected happens during one of your trips.

When choosing expat health insurance, there are some things that you should consider.

Just like most people who buy health insurance, one of the first things to consider in the expat health insurance is the cost. The price of the expat health insurance varies from one person to another. The quote is based on the age of the person, the location, the type of coverage that you choose and if you have any pre-existing conditions. The presence of pre-existing conditions could make your expat health insurance quote higher than that of a person without any health issues.

Get an expat insurance company that you can trust. Ask the expat insurance company how long they have been in business. Ask for papers as proof. It is less risky to deal with an expat insurance company that has been in business for at least ten years. For recommendations on expat health insurance companies, you may ask your friends and the consulate or embassy of the country.

If you currently have insurance, ask how will getting an expat health insurance affect it? Some expat insurance companies will allow you to switch terms from a different insurer without having a waiting period for the approval of your expat health insurance.

Is your family with you, or are you planning to have a family? Ask the expat insurance company if they have coverage for your family members and how you can get insurance coverage for your kids.

When choosing an expat health insurance company, inquire on the terms when having your treatment. Can you choose your own doctor or do you just have to go to the doctors and hospitals that are affiliated with the expat health insurance company?

Request for information on how to file expat health insurance claims. Make sure you understand the process and that the process of filing a claim is easy, practical and will not cause you or your family much disadvantage.

When traveling internationally, it is important that you get an expat health insurance to cover any health issues that you might encounter. You wouldn’t be sure how your body would adapt to the geographic changes.


  1. Hosea

    I will be moving to the Philippines sometime early this summer. It would help a lot if you could provide some expat insurance companies and which one you think to be the best.

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