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Samar Beach Guide

Samar Beach Guide

Samar is a region in the southern part of the Philippines. The region has the eastern and the western side. There are several beaches in the entire Samar region. Some of them are the following:

1.Bacayawan Beach – This was also called the little Dakak. The beach has some resorts with some cottages and a lodging place for guests who want to stay for the night. The sand in the beach is white. The beach is at the southern end of the town of Lorente. The coastal area provides a scenic view because of the formations of the rocks.

2.Cabong Beach – This is on the eastern side of Samar. It has gray sand but it is a beach which has not been so commercialized yet. It has calm waters and the waves are milder and the sands are fine. It is a good beach to swim with the children.

3.Rawis Beach – This is a beach with many resorts. One is even owned by a famous Philippine talk show host. The beach faces the port. The Pebbles and Sand, Pirate’s Cove are just some of the resorts. There are several resorts with pools and other amenities.

4.Calicoan Beach – This is a small beach that has white sands. The whole beach is shaped like a half moon. There are plenty of shells in the beach. Around the beach there are formations of granites with some algae which make it look like a small planet.

5.Samulan Beach – This beach in Samar is a fifteen minute walk from the town of Sulangan. Sulangan is close to Calicoan. The beach has white sand that can be compared to the sand in Boracay because it is so fine. Other tourists have called the island a paradise. There are many coconut trees along the shore. The color of the waters from a far is turquoise. Many tourists find peace when being in this beach because it is not yet as commercial as some of the resorts in the Philippines.

6.Homonhon Beach – This is a popular historical site. You can reach this place one hundred twenty minutes via a motorized boat. You can stay in the Villa Pacific Resort. The particular area where Magellan landed was flat and peaceful. There are hundreds of fishes everywhere. There are many people who like to snorkel in this area. Tourists go here to see the first few steps and journey of Magellan.

7.Malajog Beach – This beach is two hundred meters in length. The sand has a grayish color. There are resorts with cottages along the shore. Many actors come here for a vacation. This is considered as one of the prettiest beaches in Samar. This beach is situated in the town of Malajog in Calbayog.

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