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Bacolod Government Sites

Bacolod Government Sites

‘Kari Kamo sa Bacolod!’

This simple phrase (in Bacolod’s dialect) means an invitation to experience the beauty of Bacolod City. The city has been dubbed as the ‘City of Smiles’ and though majority of the Filipinos are really into all kinds of sports, especially of basketball, the city of Bacolod is also the ‘Football Capital of the Philippines’. The Masskara Festival is the most celebrated event of the city and the place topped the survey as the ‘Best Place to Live in the Philuppines’ according to MoneySense Magazine. Certainly, there are more reasons why Bacolod City is one of the best places to consider regarding leisure and business venture.

Why Bacolod City?

Being recognized and awarded as the most inhabitable city in the Philippines is definitely a great boost in the city’s prestige. One factor why Bacolod should be one of the best destinations is the low incidence of crime and stable peace and order condition in the city. Regarding business, the city is considered to be a BPO or Business Process Outsorcing and IT or Information Technology hub for Western Visayas because of the presence of eight chief call centers.

Another business advantage is the systematic traffic set up that offers easy access to different location around the city. Illegal settlers do not have a place here in Bacolod City that is why their percentage is very low. The local government of Bacolod City sees to it that they maintain the cleanest and greenest highly urbanized city in the Philippines recognition as they preserve a green and clean surroundings very that is very fit for human habitation. Small businesses have a good chance of booming because of available amenities and facilities.

This explains why the city was cited as the Most Business Friendly City by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2007. In competing with the global market, the local authorities through local entrepreneurs encourage high-quality production from basic local produce (like food items, sugar, organic fertilizers and the like). The optimistic tone in local commercial scheme of the city could be attributed to its accessibility (by land, sea and air) to major cities around the Philippines. With these reasons, without a doubt, Bacolod City is the rightful recipient of the ‘best place to live in Philippines’ recognition.

Keeping up with the Pace

Maintaining the reputation and the recognition of one of the best cities in the Philippines is definitely a tough act to follow. It entails more than just advertising it, but also doing it ‘hands-on’. Nonetheless, for several years, Bacolod City has been very consistent with their growing economic progress and still retains their respect for nature by being clean and green city. The official website (http://www.bacolodcity.gov.ph/) of Baclod City is a sort of a ‘teaser’ of what an individual could expect in the city. The website is loaded with information regarding the city’s noted assets. Certainly, Bacolod City is very accessible online. ‘Kari Kamo sa Bacolod’ is definitely an invitation to experience a good life.

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