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Makati Transportation

Makati Transportation

Makati City is the National Capital Region’s and the Philippines’ business center since it is the home of the headquarters of the many of the country’s largest businesses. It is for this reason that the number of Makati transportation options has also increased to meet the needs of the public.


When traveling between nearby cities in the Metro Manila and in the Philippines, the jeepney (or jeep) is the fastest mode of transportation. Jeepneys come in different colors and in sizes ranging from 3-4 meters in length, 1.5-2.5 meters in width and approximately 2 meters in height. When the jeepneys were introduced after the World War II, they were made from the leftover US military jeeps. At present, several local manufacturing companies build the jeepneys mostly according to the preference of their client.

In Makati, in addition to the ordinary (open-air) jeepneys, there are also specialized jeeps that have an air-conditioning system and decorative designs. Most of these special jeeps just take passengers to different stops within the city of Makati. Finding a jeep in the Philippines on ordinary days is not difficult since jeeps ply their route almost anytime of the day. While riding a jeep, if you would like to ask the driver to drop you off, just say “para po” (please halt). However, if you are in the Makati Central Business District, jeepneys can only halt at the designated jeepney stops.


For long-range travel within the National Capital Region, buses are the most appropriate mode of transportation. In Makati, buses may be found on Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), on Ayala Avenue, on Buendia Avenue and on Makati Avenue. Buses in Makati can take to the northern cities (going to Novaliches and Quezon City), southern cities (going to Baclaran and Alabang) and western cities (going to downtown Manila).


Because buses can sometimes get caught in the heavy rush hour traffic, the Light Rail Transit and Manila Metro Rail Transit are convenient alternatives to the buses on EDSA and on Taft Avenue. The LRT on Taft Avenue runs from Monumento (in the north) to Baclaran (in the south). Its closest station to Makati is found on Buendia, which is a major road going to the Makati Central Business District.

On the other hand, the MRT found on EDSA travels from North Station (in Quezon City) to Taft Avenue, where there is a footbridge link to the LRT.

Pasig River Ferry

A portion of Makati is bordered by the Pasig River, which runs through several cities in the Metro Manila. The Pasig River Ferry is an air-conditioned boat with a capacity of up to 150 passengers. Makati has two Pasig River Ferry stations namely the Valenzuela station and the Guadalupe station.

In addition to the mentioned modes of public transport, Makati also has tricycles (motorcycle with a side car) that can take their passengers into the villages and right in front of their homes. Taxis are also found on most of the roads in Makati.

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