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Golden Cowrie Restaurant Cebu

Golden Cowrie Restaurant Cebu

Nobody can resist good food. Nobody can resist good accommodations. Also, nobody can resist good people to serve you. And we are very sure you can’t resist Golden Cowrie Restaurant in Cebu. Additionally we bet you will not resist coming back and eating in Golden Cowrie Restaurant again once you have tasted its sumptuous and mouth-watering dishes.

Golden Cowrie Restaurant is the must-eat place when you are in Cebu. Also, do not think that because of the delicious dishes it serves, it is an expensive place. Delicious foods and affordable prices are definitely partners when you eat with us. You can surely bring everyone along because everybody can afford our food prices. Make your stomachs full without making your pockets empty.

Get the best Filipino dishes served before you with our rich flavors. Bring your friends and family and your money will never be burned because of the low prices of the foods. You can even celebrate your birthday by giving your loved ones a treat. Or you can have a date with a special someone without having to spend too much money.

Savor two of Golden Cowrie Restaurant’s specialties, the Tahong and the Adobong Kangkong. Fill your stomach with other delicious foods on the menu such as Dinuguan, Crispy Pata, and Tuna Fingers.

The over-all Filipino feel does not stop with the food. In Golden Cowrie Restaurant, the ambiance is also very Filipino. There are paintings centered on the native life which decorated the restaurant.

Because of the popularity it gets from customers not only in Cebu, but also the whole country, Golden Cowrie Restaurant has two braches. One in Salinas Drive in Lahug and SM Lower Ground Floor in Cebu.

The people are friendly and they make sure that the guests are served really well. In Golden Cowrie Restaurant, everybody smiles. Guests cannot help but smile because of the delicious food they eat and the waiters and waitresses are all smiles serving the guests and giving them satisfaction. We always make sure that the guests eat their foods in a good mood.

The customers of Golden Cowrie Restaurant are not only Filipinos. There are also a lot of foreigner guests that enjoy its food. There are Korean, Chinese and American tourists who stop by while they are in Cebu. They experience one of the best restaurants in Cebu.

Visit and eat at Golden Cowrie Restaurant and you will surely have all the smiles.

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