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Puerto Galera Shopping

Puerto Galera Shopping

Puerto Galera is located in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. It may only have a total population of 21,925 as estimated by the 2000 census, but tourists that visit Puerto Galera do not only double or triple the population. Thousands of tourists visit Puerto Galera because of its beaches and the nightlife. But diving, snorkeling, and partying are not the only activities that may be enjoyed in Puerto Galera. Believe it or not, tourists may also enjoy shopping there.

Why don?t we do some shopping at the White Beach.

White Beach is the most famous beach in Puerto Galera for party people as nightlife in this beach is really spectacular. White Beach has a near proximity to the town proper and going to this beach is very accessible as there are ferry routes from the Batangas Pier to the resort itself. Moreover, only one ferry ride is needed to reach the Muelle Pier. Diving, snorkeling, partying, beach volleyball and other water activities are present in the White Beach Resort but those who have not yet visited this beach may be surprised to know that this place is actually ideal for shopping too!

A tourist may come to White Beach without bringing anything as all kinds of beach wear may be bought in the countless stores established in the place, such as bikinis, board shorts, and sandos. Aside from swimwear, clothes after swimming may also be bought there such as T-shirts, shorts, pants, and sarong. These items come in cheap prices and what’s even more interesting is the fact that one can even ask for more discounts! Sarongs or the cover-ups may be bought for only Php120 but the tie-dyed ones are priced at Pho180. Souvenir shirts may be bought for as low as Php100 but these are adult sizes. Sizes for children are priced at Php80. Different bathing suits are also sold in the stores in White Beach and what’s interesting is the fact that all come in different interesting styles. There are even crocheted bikinis as well as crocheted cover ups.

Aside from shopping for clothes, shopping for accessories is also feasible at the White Beach. Different accessories are being sold in this beach such as accessories for the hair, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, belts, and others. If one is interested in creating sandcastles, toys for making such may be bought in the stores at the White Beach. If one forgets to bring slippers, thousands of flip-flops are being sold at the White Beach too! And it seems that one is just in the metropolitan area as the designs of the flip-flops are also cute and interesting! Those who are interested in shopping for bags will also find different kinds of bags at the White Beach. The most visible kind of bags are those that are Mangyan woven.

Before going home, do some more shopping for souvenirs. One might want to bring home key chains made of sea shells which can be bought for only Php10. There are also thousands of key chains being sold for Php20 or Php20 with designs like tiny slippers, tiny frogs, tiny lizards, and other tiny animals. Aside from key chains, one can also go shopping for refrigerator magnets. These also come in different designs such as sea shells and slippers, too.

Indeed, Puerto Galera is not only for beach lovers but it is also for shoppers. White Beach is perfect for shopping as the prices are very affordable.

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