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Sorsogon Shopping

Sorsogon Shopping

Because Sorsogon is has a wide agricultural area and long shorelines, its products are a combination of those coming from the farms and those come from the sea. Thus, the province provides many options for people of different tastes and lifestyles.

Pili Nut

The pili nut is one of the most popular products of the Bicol region. Almost every province and municipality in the region has their way of preparing food products from this nut. The most common pili preparations are the sugarcoated pili nuts and the pili candies. You will also find pili tarts that are being sold in near Sorsogon tourist spots.


Rice is a staple food in the Philippines and many of the agricultural areas in the country cultivate rice to support the demands of the population. During your travel to Sorsogon, you are likely to find that many of the inland areas are utilized as farms for rice and crops. You will find palays being dried near the roads.

Food Products from Coconuts

Coconuts are also abundant agricultural products in Sorsogon. It is known to most people that there are many products that may be processed from the coconut tree. The fruit may be eaten fresh and the juice may be served as refreshments. The stem may be processed into coco lumber that is used for furniture and houses. The leaves may be used as broomsticks. Some handicrafts may also be made from coconut products.

Before you leave Sorsogon, one of the coconut products that you must try is the wine made from the juice of the fruit. It has a unique character that you will want to take home some bottles so that your friends can also try it.


Because the province of Sorsogon is bordered waters, the province is also rich in seafood products that are cooked the traditional way. Local fishes, mud crabs, blue crabs and prawns are usually cooked in gata (coconut milk) and spiced with the local sili (pepper).

Upon knowing what the local products of Sorsogon are, it is hard to resist not being able to try them or to take some home with you. The best way to find a selection of quality Sorsogon products is to come to local public market. There, the products are less expensive than if you purchase them near the tourist destinations, bus stops and ports. If you intend to buy quantities of products, don’t forget to try asking for a discount.

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